That's right...I got out of bed busy (practically--actually it is post-Bible time when I get busy).

The morning started with me planning out the remainder of my soon as I put my breakfast away and washed the dishes, I went outside and got ready to poke off for our place. Granddaddy had started mowing and ran out of gas about 10 feet from the barn. I helped Savannah with the gas can. I was halfway down the driveway when I remembered that we needed to shut a certain gate in the pasture in preperation for working cows (hopefully) next week. So I turned around in the drive and zipped back up. Savannah got in the truck with me and we went and closed the gate. When we got back to the house, Granddaddy had gotten the lawm mower stuck in the fence; the yard kind of drops off into the pasture in that corner and apparently one wheel had dropped over and pulled the rest of it into the fence. We pulled and pushed it out of there--then it wouldn't start. So I left and Savannah hauled the thing back to the barn and hooked it up to the battery charger.

Once at our place I opened up the honey house and barn and hooked up the Kubota to the battery charger--so I could mow later in the day. Then I meandered back over here and managed to get the fire started in the horse lot. I was planning on burning some more today, but it poured down rain again last night so the wood will be too wet. *shrug*

I worked on that til lunch time, coming in a couple of times to get some water and watch Cannon for a few moments at a time. After lunch I washed the usual.

Then the real adventure began: First I cleared out the back of the pick-up (much needed) and swept it as best I could--wet sand is hard to sweep. Second, I headed for town.

I went to Smith's first for 20 fence posts. I walked in and asked for 20 posts. The older gentleman working the counter asked me what size I wanted. I went, "Umm, the ones that are about this big around." (Holding my fingers up in a circle). He laughed. While laughing he repeated my hand motions and said, "This big around?" I said something stupid and inconsequental at this point (I can't remember what). But anyway, he got me straightened I know that next time I need to ask for 3-3 1/2" posts :)

Next he asked me how I was going to pay and I told him to put it on Granddaddy's account. He said, "I should have known that. You're [his] granddaughter, right?" "Yes." "Is that your Dad who comes in?" "Yes." "You look kind of like him." What is funny about this conversation is that last time I was at Smith's, this same gentleman asked me how Granddaddy was--without me letting on in any way, shape, or form who I was. It must have been the pick-up truck.

The posts were loaded by two young feller's. The older one I have seen before--a rather average looking redneck. The younger one--who looked to be about 15--I had not seen before. He is one of these very fair-skinned people and as such he was covered in freckles. Looks like he's from Irish stock--down to the short, broad shoulderedness.

From Smith's I went to Bryan's for horse feed. That was a painless opperation. Then I went to our place. Once there I cranked the Kubota and mowed. The cows were anxiously waiting for me to rake up the grass and pitch it over the fence.

Snip was happy to see the feed I brought with me. I took him out of the front pasture where he was, back to the pens and run. On the way across the lot, we paused and he ate a bunch of mineral.

I really was flithy. I was soaked with sweat and therefore was plastered with dirt. I've heard it said that ladies don't sweat, they either 'glow' or 'prespire'. Sorry, folks; I don't do either--I sweat.

Today, I plan on at least getting started with building the fence around the horse lot. I like this kind of work :) :) 


6/13/2012 10:33:49 am

I "hauled" the mower to the barn? Oh, my dear, darling sister! I PUSHED that thing! I think it weighs more than I do!

I am sure it must have been an amusing sight. Granddaddy tried to help, but I was going just a bit too fast--I wanted to keep it rolling. Even so, I still had to stop and back it up a few times to get a running start to nudge it over a root or something....

6/13/2012 11:36:45 pm

Oh. Well, I didn't know exactly since I so unkindly ran off to hook up the battery on the Kubota...
And yes, I think it weighs more than you do.


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