Hum, where did I leave off? I can't remember. Saturday we kept busy as bees--all of us.
Mama, Daddy, and Savannah shampooed Granddaddy's horrendously filthly carpet. Katherine and I (and Savannah before she left at lunch time) cleaned our house. I did laundry, some of the vaccuming, dishes, and just plain ol' staightening. Katherine dust mopped, finished the vaccuming and ironed a stack of clothes. I ran off at some point to go ride Snip. (I prefer when he doesn't have more than two days off in a row and I didn't ride him Friday.)

When I got there, Snip was running around, tail in the air, and his ears pricked forwards. I said, "Hey boy, are you excited to see me?" Nope, not in the least. The neighbors were riding their ATV's across the pasture and that was what he was all excited about. Once I got in the pens with him, I noticed that something didn't look quite right. When I got a little closer I realized that he'd broke his bossel! (Rope halter) I changed that to his green web halter and then poked the bit in his mouth. (By the way, he isn't fighting near as much as he was on this issue.) Saddle pad and saddle next--yippee! Let's go. He did really well; not perfect, but better :) At one point, I was resting him and I was watching his ears. He has this bad habit of pinning his ears (putting them back) and I had recently read something in a horse magazine someone gave me about that. (Pinning of the ears is a negative thing.) Knowing that bumping my hat startles him, I got to wondering if the scratchy noise that the ribbon makes was the cause of his pinned ears. As soon as I got ahold of them and kept them from rubbing, his ears went back to normal position! I expiremented with this and everytime I lifted the ribbon off the hat brim, his ears would go forward and everytime I let them fall back on to the hat, he'd pin his ears! Oh well. He'll just have to get over it. I am not taking the ribbon out of my hat--it blows off often enough even with the ribbon!

I also gave him a bath...or as close as it gets with nothing but a hose. He doesn't appricate it. The first thing he did once I let him go was lay down and roll in the sand. My nice clean horse turned into a filthy muddy horse in a matter of seconds. Oh well. I suppose I ought not even bother trying to keep him clean. It rained this morning so he got something of a bath :)


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