I just wanted to share a hilarious little story...

After supper this evening, I got a terrible set of hiccups--you know those kind that rip through the diaphram very loudly. I was busy washing dishes and laughing while hiccuping. After a while, over my hiccups, I hear Granddaddy say something. I stepped around the corner and said, "What'd ya say?" He kind of laughed, his eyes twinkling, "Can you cut them down?" I laughed, explaining that I can't stop these things.

I returned to the dishes and didn't hiccup any more!! A few minutes later, Granddaddy remarked (I could hear him smiling), "I guess it worked." If that isn't what he said, it was pretty close. I just laughed again and retorted, "You scared them out of me!" I don't know if he heard me, but I think he might have. I was having spasms of laughter about that...though not nearly as bad as the ones that go with the following picture!
There! I'm laughing uncontrollably again! I do love you Katie!! You should be a comedian... :D This is a Danny Kaye face alright...
I hope she doesn't kill me for this...I love this picture and I just had to share! Normally, only her family sees this side of her. I have no idea why she was making this face and I had no idea she was making it until I looked at the pictures...then I nearly fell out of my chair laughing. :)


2/28/2013 07:14:37 am

I laughed so hard I cried!! This picture is hilarious.

The story of Gdaddy is funny, too! I can just see that little twinkle in his eye. I imagine he was a lot like that when he was younger one reason your Gmother fell for him so quickly.

2/28/2013 08:04:00 am

I know! Me too! I crack up like an insane person every time I see it! :D

2/28/2013 08:32:52 am

Oh, oh, oh!!
You're right, I am totally GOING TO KILL YOU!!!
...When I'm not looking at that ridiculously stupid face of mine...because I can't kill you if I'm laughing!

Indignantly idiotic and humorously hateful, yours truly, KT
….oh am I going to GET you!!!….

3/1/2013 05:14:10 am

It IS funny...and seriously, I really am glad to make you laugh anytime :)

3/1/2013 08:22:18 am

Yup...I did. I thought about it...and snickered (er, bellowed is more like it--I fall to pieces everytime I see it)...and thought some more. Finally, I came to the conclusion that it was just too good not to share! :D

When you do kill me, do it quick please...I nearly strangled myself laughing already. ;)


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