Whew! Mama and I had an interesting morning this morning...we got a 'new' antenna hooked up to Granddaddy's TV. It happened like this...

I got over to our place around 9:15 to feed the cows and afterwards eat my breakfast. While chomping down on my eggs, cheese, and sauerkraut, Mama told me that we were going to take the antenna that Daddy had rigged up for the RV over to Granddaddy's and hook that up to his TV. 

First we had to pull the thing out of the RV tent. Next we had to take it apart at approximently the middle; and I still had pipe stuck about six feet over the the cab of the pick-up. I drove rather slowly on the way home (I have three, you know, so this is an interesting statement!) and had fun maneuvering the oaks in the driveway. (Cowboy-hatted head hanging out the drivers window...)

Anyway, Mama arrived in the red car shortly after I got there and we put the antenna back together. I made a couple trips to the barn for the right sized wrenches; I also ended up going back for post hole diggers, electricians tape, zip-ties (which didn't get used), and a ladder. I've determined that I have developed a rather strange gait when walking fast in boots--I'm not sure it's bow-legged (I haven't ridden enough to be bow-legged!), but it's similar. I move much faster when swaggering like that. However, I wasn't planning on analyzing my walking...

After trying a couple different things and talking to Daddy on the phone at least twice, we decided to strap this long antenna to the old dead oak out there. There went three of my very nice ratchet straps. I will have to get some more now; not a problem since I am headed for Wal-Mart and Bryan's after I get off here for a battery for the Kubota, Round-up, gas, and hay for my cows.

Anyway, I found out at the bottom of the other antenna what the problem was. (I had checked this connection before, but I hadn't totally taken it apart, therefore I missed this.) The connector and the coax cable from that disk-shaped antenna were burnt. In other words, it got hit by lightening sometime early this fall (when we started having TV problems.) However, Mama wasn't going to climb that tower out back and I wasn't too keen on the idea either, so we just went with putting this other one up. If I had thought I could reach the connections up top, I would have given the climb a try (even though I'm not so fond of heights), but when Mama told me that Daddy had to stand on tip-toe to reach that connection, I knew I might as well not waste the effort. I'm shorter than he is and I certainly don't make up for that with the length of my arms. 

The long and the short of it is that Granddaddy now has more channels than he knows what to do with--and I'm going to have to put up with cartoons again! (I am going to stay on top of changing channels and volume control while he's asleep--never fear! :D)

Well, I ought to get to town so I can get to mowing...see ya'll later!


1/23/2013 03:38:26 am

*laughs* and all that for more torture! ;) Ha ha! Well, hey, now you can catch the old Westerns when they run. Don't ask me which channel, though. We don't have television. :D

1/23/2013 10:06:12 am

MeTV has the old shows (westerns, comedy, etc)...I try to keep it on that channel a lot. I don't have to worry about profanity and it isn't irritating like cartoons. (I HATE cartoons!!)

1/25/2013 04:39:21 am

Haha! I love your humor, and that little bit about how you walk! I've noticed that I walk different in different shoes too.

1/25/2013 10:46:39 am

I kind of walk like that barefoot too, but it is most noticeable in my boots. Glad you enjoyed it!

By the way, I have a half finished letter for you floating around someplace...


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