That sounds almost gruesome...but it sums up New Years Eve and the beginning of New Years Day fairly well...

Yesterday, the last day of the Year of Our Lord Two-thousand Twelve, Savannah and I rose early. I woke up five minutes before my alarm was set to go off (5 am). This is not unusual, since I have trained myself to wake up like that. Anyway, I went to turn the alarm off before it started beeping (such an irritating--but effective--beep). I kept trying to push the switch down. It didn't work. I got out of bed and walked over to the light switch, banging into books and finally running into the door. (That woke Savannah across the hall.) The alarm was beeping by now and I had shoved it under my pillow. I flipped the light on, walked back to the bed (without stubbing my toes this time), pulled my clock out from under my pillow, turned it over, and groaned at myself. Here I had been trying to slide the switch vertically...and it goes horizontally!! (Come to think of it, I think I've done that before. I use an alarm so infrequently that I forget how it works!)

I got dressed, fed Snip and the cats in the dark (none were up--but this way they got their food), and then drove over to our place across the creek and put out the cow's pellets. My nose was like an ice-sickle by the time I got home. It was nice and chilly out....I enjoyed needing the jacket and my bandana tied over my ears.

After I ate breakfast (I hadn't had my coffee yet), we headed off. I waited until we were on the main road to pour my coffee from the thermos. Savannah also had a second cup at that point. We arrived at the S's trailer before they did--Savannah called Mr. Bill, who was picking up the U-haul truck (he got the biggest one he could and still have a regular driver's licence). Soon Mrs. Sandy showed up with grandkids, Sam and Lucy in tow. A few minutes later, we were all in Mrs. S's car headed just literally around the corner to the storage unit. Mr. Bill was right ahead of us opening the gate when we arrived. Shortly thereafter, the S's eldest son, Brian, along with four of his kids, and the S's youngest, Tom (accompanied by preganant wife and their three other children) arrived. Mr. Bill had an announcement like ceremony where he told everyone that Savannah was in charge of loading the truck. We don't call her the "Load Master", for no reason. No one argued about it...though Tom did crack a joke or two (aimed more at his Dad than anyone.)

Tom and Brian, along with Gavin (Brian's oldest son--14), did most of the heavy lifting, though I pitched in and helped Gavin with both a matress and a cabineted sewing machine. (It wasn't because I was trying to prove I was as strong as the guys, but simply because I can't just stand around while other people do something that I can help with!) I got the impression that Gavin had never wrestled with a matress was something about the way he handled it... :)

Tom kept everyone in stitches...he is terrible. Really. Of course, I rather know where he gets his sense of humor from--but he's twice as bad as his dad!! :D

After we finished at the storage unit, we went back to the trailer to pick up the last few remaining pieces of furiture and boxes. There, we practically unloaded the truck to reload it. I know that Savannah is a tad worried that things are going to rattle around too much. The truck was too big. :D

I was Savannah's "PA" system a couple of times--I guess that just tends to happen when you have a good set of lungs and your sister can't talk very loud. Not that I mind, it's just a humorous way to think of oneself. :D

I almost learned how to throw a football correctly yesterday. The kids (including myself) wound up tossing a football back and forth in the street for quite a while before and after lunch which provided by Kerry (the S's daughter and Sam and Lucy's mother). But, back to the football. I've only ever played football once and that was last fall (okay two falls ago really) with the B. boys in Indiana. We really did more running with it than throwing it though (and I somehow managed to outrun Daniel and make two touchdowns! I still wonder how I did that...) Yesterday it was just throwing and catching practice. I was catching like a girl; I normally can catch better than I can throw. Anyway, I just laughed it off. I know how to do that.

Once we were done there, Mr. Bill went to pick up the car hauler and Mrs. Sandy to do something else. The younger S men and their family's returned to Brian's while Savannah and I followed Kerry home. We spent several hours there. I mostly played with Lucy--that is, after I washed Kerry's dishes. Since we are "family" of sorts, I offered and did it even though she basically told me I didn't have to. I didn't REALLY feel like washing a stack of dishes, but I did because it was something I could do to be helpful. Perhaps I am learning not to be so selfish...

The rest of the afternoon was spent talking and playing and taking pictures. I happen to know that both Mrs. Sandy and Kerry have some blackmail photos of me! *laughs gaily* I told them, "Yep...Mama always says I could ruin a good picture." It's true look through the pictures we've taken over the years. Who is it who is distractedly staring behind her? Racheal. Who is it who is making a silly face? Racheal. Who is it...well, you get the idea. :)

I hope that they send us some of them because some of the pictures were actually good.

After a nice little supper, Savannah and I said our adieu's. Nobody cried on the way home even though we are going to miss the S's something dreadful.
My eyes are reflecting the they look almost blue--and I most certainly do not have blue eyes! I hear when I was born they were a muddy greenish color...


1/4/2013 07:23:57 am

THANK YOU for doing the dishes =-D. I was very grateful for the help, and enjoyed your company. It was nice for you both to be able to stay and visit.

1/5/2013 07:51:52 am

I love this picture. Your smile has always brighten my life.

Thank-you for all you do for everyone.


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