I went to town this afternoon...did some grocery shopping after I poked around for a couple hours Christmas shopping. Now, if that was the whole of the story I was going to tell you, then this really would  be a VERY short story. However, it's not.

I went to Sweetbay last. Believe it or not, I got a parking spot right at the very end of the row--the end closest to the door. :) (I was driving the pick-up.) I hopped out and strode (like I always do in boots) across and started to yank on a shopping cart. It was caught on the one in front of it. While engaged in fruitless yanking, an older gentleman with a cane walked up with his grandson. I'm guessing the boy was about 13 or so...a good-looking, clean cut youngster. Anyway, the gentleman saw what was up with me and said something like this to his grandson: "Son, help her get a cart." The boy reached out and grabbed a hold of the carts and then said to me, "Push forward a bit." Seconds later, the cart was free and I was grinning from ear to ear, saying thank-you.

It sure is nice to know that there are gentlemen still out there. Maybe that grandpa will engrain it in the boy so much that he won't need to be prompted to help. The fact that I could have done it myself doesn't factor in...I was grateful for the help and by whom it was given.


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