Today was my second appointment at the chiropractor's...and the first time I got 'cracked'. I had a 10:30 appointment so we kind of had to run out the door, but we got there on time. Dr. K showed us my x-rays and now I know that half-a-dozen of my vertebrea are twisted to the left. (I just about said the 'west' for some reason.) Anyway, Dr. K gave me my first adjustment--complete with a neck-cracking. That felt kind of weird. Savannah said she couldn't hear it, but it sure sounded loud to me! :)

We were going to go to the Goodwill before lunch, but driving by they were closed--probably because of this storm that has been totally hyped for the last week. Instead, we just went to lunch at our usual place whenever we go to P.C. I had grouper, as usual, and ended up feeling kind of strange--the green beans had something on them, I'm positive. I hate eating out...even if I like the food I almost always come away with a strange feeling...

Then came the real adventure...the car wouldn't start. In other words the ignition switch was not responding. After several phone calls to different people, Savannah called a tow-truck and in the process found out that there is a Saturn place just around the corner and the owner could probably replace our ignition switch 'right now'. The tow-truck showed up and soon had our poor car up on the bed. Our driver was real friendly (I guess you have to be if you're a tow-truck driver and get strange people in your cab with you on a daily basis) and soon established that we were sisters...he found out that no, I'm not the older one :D It was hilarious really--he said that Savannah had a more 'secretrial' appearence (secretaries are 'more fun') and I had a 'teacherly' appearence (teachers are more welcoming). Then he added something like, "I'd better stop before I dig myself into a hole."

He deposited us at the Saturn place and then, of course, the car cranked up immediately--several times. Anyway, we went ahead and got the switch replaced and he even replaced our back-up light that was out. (I don't think he charged for that...)

From there we went to the health food store so Savannah could get some more suppliments. Then we came home. Then we played some music...I have no idea how many times we played 'The Girl I Left Behind Me' (one of my all-time favorites), but we were working on my main trouble spot. Now I have it figured out, I just need to spend some more time on the jump  half-way through. That is still clunky. We also sang a little and I sounded awful by the time we were done :) I won't tell you what we did next--or you really might think we are CRAZY. (Okay, okay! We took a 'boom-box' outside and danced around in the wet-grass! Exercise you know....)

Then dinner...then dishes...then "The Rifleman"...then blogging....and I can't go any further...I don't know what's next ;D


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