During our town trip this afternoon, Savannah and I stopped at the local music store. I wanted to see about those strings I 'ordered' a couple months ago. The owner recognized me, "Haven't you been here before?" I laughed, "A couple months ago!" I took a pretty brown guitar off the wall and and played 'Greensleeves' jig-style. I find it interesting that "Greensleeves' is universally known by people of all music walks. This young man has a fairly clean-rock look. (If that makes sense.)

When I mentioned the stings he said he sold them all--the mirachi players buy 2-3 packs at a time. He said he'd have more in next week. SO I may poke back in there soon. He gave us his phone number if I wanted to call and make sure the strings were in...I think I'd rather just walk in. I hate using the telephone.

He mentioned that they have a studio in the back and Savannah asked if we could take a look. He said sure! Once standing in the studio, Savannah mentioned that I'm a aspiring filmmaker and from there we got a business pitch. A good business man pitches his talents with confidence and yet not in a pushy fashion. He just 'dropped' the fact that he does sound mastering for $40 an hour. Other than that, he gave a short explaination of why mastering needs to be done, that he's worked on movies, he's done commercials, and of course, recording. Overall, it was a pretty pleasant conversation...I was feeling slightly awkward standing in the doorway with my spurs bumping whatever that contraption was behind me. Savannah said I sound like I need to go to the chiropractor the way I walk. My right spur clangs lounder than my left. I have a funny gait--that's for sure.

The reason I was booted and spurred was simply because we went to the feed store first (Yay! they StockandStable12 today *laughs*). Once we got home, I grabbed a snack and jumped back in the truck. It didn't take thirty minutes to get the bit in Snips mouth today...I'm glad. I got overheated--it's funny how quickly one can get overheated bouncing around on the back of a horse.


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