I completed four After Effects compositions this afternoon! Or mostly anyway. I have one or two I didn't scroll; simply because I'm not sure I want them too. I'll decide that later on. These are my V/O (voice over) compositions with on-screen text. No, I don't have any V/O's yet (I hope to be able to utilize some of the gentlemen off CF.org for this aspect--it would be a unpaid job, unfortunately), just the text and background. I also have a couple other V/O's that I want to put over something else besides floating brow/tan mist over a black background...those I need b-roll for. For the b-roll I need to tramp down to the creek (keeping an eye out for snakes, gators, etc.--probably ought to take the .22 with me), get my horse over here (to do that I need to fence in the horse lot--a stall would also be nice; but there are two trees, so maybe that can wait), meander and think and shoot.

On a side note that isn't really totally unrelated...it is MUCH easier to concentrate when Granddaddy is watching cooking shows than when he's watching cartoons. Cartoons are SO loud and that one is completely obnoxious (feministic too). I even had the glass doors shut today and my headphones on (classical guitar in my ears *wink*) and I could STILL hear it and it was driving me NUTS! I was glad when he changed channels...the chef with the French accent is definitely more peaceful than "Word Girl" (Blah.)

How was your day? I have to run off and feed Snip... (One of these days, ol' boy, we'll start riding again...)


5/16/2012 14:54:50

You had me in stitches. I can just see that aggravated determined look on your face trying to get the gas cap off....you never were one to give up..10-15 minutes!!
What an adventurous day!!


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