I went over to feed Snip this morning. I've been feeding Snip in the mornings lately (except for Sunday...and Monday. I totally forgot), because the person he stays with had eyelid surgery recently. Anyway, after running my mouth at 90 miles an hour for a while, I rushed off to the car to come home. I got in and turned the key. Nothing. All I got was a quiet hum. I tried a few more times to crank the engine. Still nothing. So I grabbed my phone and called Daddy. "Daddy, the car won't start." "Okay, I'll be there in a minute."

Once he arrived he had me pop the hood for him and turn the key. After looking at the engine for a minute or two, he got in the car and the next thing I knew, it was running! This is the embarrassing part (although I don't know if it should be since I really had no idea about this). The car was in reverse. I guess I didn't get the car all the way into park when I got there. Now I know...the next time a car doesn't start, I should look at the gears before I call Daddy. I learn best by experience.


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