I was standing there at the counter this morning, both hands full of collard green stems. Out of the blue, there was a very loud knocking at the door. I nearly jumped out of my skin! (Honestly, it must have been five to ten minutes before my heart rate went back to normal.)

I stepped backwards to peer out of the kitchen and through the laundry room/mud room into the garage. Standing there, with a smile on his face, was Butch! At first glance I thought it was Granddaddy, but I knew it couldn't be because he was in the bathroom. Besides, he wouldn't knock. :D

With my hands still full of greens stems, I hurried to the door and let cousin Butch in. He was kind of surprised to see me (and Savannah) here because he thought we were at another reenactment this weekend (that's NEXT weekend). Granddaddy knew Butch was coming (and in fact had told him to wear blue today--so they were color-coordinated!!), but he had forgotten to tell us.

Anyway, while the other three folks talked, I finished making lunch. It was pretty good even if I do say so myself. Greens, cooked in a skillet with bacon and onion, carrots and broccoli, and chicken. (The chicken was left over from last night.) Normally, Butch takes everyone out to lunch, but I guess since I was already making food, he decided to bypass that route. :)

After lunch we went shooting. Granddaddy hauled his old .45 out and fired a couple rounds. (We were shooting towards the mulberry tree since it's next to impossible to shoot the 'normal' place because Snip comes and stands down range!) I emptied the cyclinder of my .38 a couple times; likewise with the .22. Butch let me shoot his .44 revolver. I only fired it twice because the grip was so big that I couldn't hold it well and when it kicked back it bashed my palm uncomfortably. (I had a strong hold on it too!) Of course, I did my best shooting with my .22 rifle. We didn't shoot overly long, but enough to dirty the guns. I have to clean them yet.

Once Butch left I used up another 20 gallons of spray on the weeds in the pasture. I could have gotten another couple hours of work in, but when I came back up to the house to get more spray, I also popped in for a snack. I sat down and lost any energy I had. So I decided I would quit for the day.

I think I'm supposed to make supper tonight too...Savannah is busy with making ball dresses. Her's is gray and mine is blue. I think she is going to be absolutely gorgeous!


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