That's a lyric out of a Johnny Cash song. I forget which one, but it's one I've heard several times over the last week driving Granddaddy's pick-up from here, there, and yonder.

It's very true. Life goes on. One can't sit and mope and do nothing without driving themselves insane. At least, I couldn't. Not that I'm feeling mopy right now. In fact, I'm actually in a pretty good mood. However, despite that I have this continual knowledge in the back of my mind that the next trip to the doctor may bring bad news for Grandpa...and us. He had a liver biopsy Monday. At this point we don't know the result. Tomorrow he gets a PET scan. (By the by, don't ask me to tell you the difference twixt a CAT scan, a PET scan, and an MRI. I haven't the slightest idea.)

Why is it, I wonder, that I seem to feel more 'domestic' when wearing a skirt? I don't know, but it's true. When I wear a skirt I have a tendency to feel more, well womanly and like doing things like laundry, dishes, cooking, etc. My cooking is woefully neglected. I did make lunch today though. Mustard greens (which tasted like they got over done--oh well, I'll eat 'em and enjoy 'em anyway!), yellow squash, fresh tomatoes, and the left over venision stuff Savannah made a day or two ago.

I also took care of Grandma's laundry, did the dishes, and took Granddaddy lunch. It really doesn't seem like a lot, but I kept busy. (I also read the WORLD magazine that came this morning too...that killed some time.)

I will be ready to head over pretty soon to work Snip. Monday he didn't want to move again. I knew it wasn't his feet because Daddy had trimmed them Saturday and he ran for me that day. I think he was just feeling lazy. I was getting really frustrated. I hopped off and tied his reins to the saddle horn and stomped off the 10 or so feet to the fence row. (He really is a good horse. When I tie his reins to the saddle he stands right where I leave him--most of the time :) ) Once over at the fence I selected a sturdy looking dog fennel stalk and jerked it out of the ground. I removed the remaining feathery folliage and some of the roots. After getting back on Snip, I swatted his rump with that stick and--boom!--did he take off. I smiled evily, "I think I'm going to keep this!" I did and used it yesterday when he started acting lazy. I'm still working on spinning, but I stopped using a suggested method--it messed him up.

I hope to get back into daily blogging...I may or may not so please bear with me :)


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