Tonight I write with sore hands. It really does feel good to work, so please don't think I'm complaining...I'm not. (In my mind, at least, there is a difference between complaining and making a statement of discomfort or pain.)

This morning I walked down the driveway to put a letter in the mailbox. My brain started ticking along...

I put the letter in the box and strode back up the drive way, my skirt blowing in the breeze and my spurs clanking like normal. I went straight to the barn and counted the new fence posts leaned up at the back. Eight.

Next I walked the fence bordering the drive. The south side (heifer patch) needed work much worse than the north side which actually looks pretty good. I counted the rotten posts that REALLY needed replacing. Six.

I pop back into the house and tell Savannah that I'm going to work on the fences today. Since she was real groggy having literally jumped out of bed out of sleep at 7:00 (Granddaddy turned the TV on and woke her up), she didn't feel like helping. I told her if I needed any help I'd come get her.

I changed my clothes; you can do fence work in blowy skirts, but jeans really are more practical. They don't get hung in the fence near as easy and they protect your legs better. Fence building requires contact with barbed wire :)

Next I loaded six fence posts into the truck, along with the 'come-along'. When I started I was going to move the truck along the outside of the fence...I very soon decided it would be more practical to have it inside--with me!

There were several old posts that I replanted in the ground. Ones that really could have stood to be replaced, but were solid enough to work. I replaced the really rotten ones. Initially I was going to tighten the fence as I went along, but I decided very soon to do all the post-hole digging and pole placement first. Then I came back and tightened the wire.  Someplace in here was lunch, coffee, and dishes.

I did get sunburned from my elbows to the top of my gloves, as well as where my shirt was unbottoned (I can't work with my shirt buttoned all the way up!) I was totally unaware of the fact until I was done (almost 5:00).  I scratched my left arm at one point. It didn't really hurt, but I looked at it and I had blood all-over my arm. I just let it be. No  use wiping more grime into it than necessary. Early on, while packing sand around a post, I whacked my left index finger with the shovel--OOOh did that hurt! I have a purple knuckle :) My wrists started to hurt after a while; particularly the right one. I guess it is still getting used to being used since I broke it.

At one point Savannah came out (before she headed off to get water and go by our place), and she was going to hammer for a bit...not that I let up...but she had on a skirt that would have snagged bad and she wanted to go and be back in time to make supper. Got to feed Granddaddy on time! (Ahem...not to mention me ;} )

The bottom wire was broke at one place and so I had to patch it. That took longer than it should have. I did get it done finally and it held. Sooo, I guess I did alright.

I worked hard today and I enjoyed it. I really would much rather work outside than inside most of the time. I guess I'll have to work on that some, won't I?

There is much more fence that needs fixin'...but I'll have to get more posts.

        Racheal the title really goes with the last portion of this post. I'll get there when I get there :)

Our dear friends from church, Carol and Herb, kindly gave us their pop-up camper! Totally unexpected, but very thoughtful. Anyway, they came to Granddaddy's and from there we led them over to our place. The plan was to back the camper into the bay where the Kuboda sits. I COULD NOT get that tractor started. I cranked and cranked, and tried the trick Daddy showed me, but I still couldn't get the thing started. Next time I need to mow, I think I'll do a diagnostic call with Daddy. Anyway, Herb parked in parallel to the fence instead.

Almost immediately upon arrival I noticed that Snowflake was no longer the shape of a barrel on legs. One problem--no calf. Savannah and I came home and I called Daddy to ask if I ought to go look for the calf. (I was inclined to.) He said yes, "put on your rancher pants"...I did :) I spent two hours walking around and saw neither hide nor hair of the calf. I kept my eyes, ears, and nose on the ready. I saw only one buzzard, but he was just on a recon mission. So, is the calf dead? Very likely. Did Snowflake just hide it very cleverly? Maybe. 

I went to ride my horse after I was done meandering. I decided that because it was so late in the day, I would just tie the lead-rope to Snip's halter and ride him around bareback for a bit. Everything was going okay until I decided to attempt a trot. Even that would have been fine if he had payed attention to me! He slipped through the west gate (I'm pulling on the rope and 'whoa'-ing him--to no avail) and did a neat turn to the right--straight toward those oaks with all the low branches. I leaned off to one side and ended up cracking my head into the dirt. I still have  something of a headache. I imagine that my neck is going to be stiff as a board in the morning; it already is stiff. Thank-God for sanding landings and a hard-head!


What am I talking about? Facial expressions in movies and TV. You see, I was watching 'The Rebel' (or "Johnny Yuma" as Granddaddy calls it) with him. During the opening set-up scene, J. Yuma is talking to the printers--an old man and a young one. They tell him where to find the daughter of an old friend of his. She is going to be forcibly married to a dirt bag. Anyway, along with certain wording, I noticed a very subtle look on the younger man's face that made me go "AH-ha! He's in love with her (and vice-versa)." If you'd been looking at the other man's face, the import of the words might have missed you. It was such a tiny, short look too! Very telling though...

From there I blabbed to Savannah how, although I'm NOT an actress and freeze up in front of a camera (besides, I don't look good on the front end of a video camera--don't tell me I do! I have a double-chin that is much more noticable on video than real-life), that I think I could teach acting...I think it would be fun actually. We also discussed how so often the acting in these independent Christian films (often made by young folks) well, to be blunt, stinks. Take Sybil Ludington for instance...
The script and storyline were GREAT. However, the acting was pretty weak. The girl who played Sybil (at left--cool picture isn't it?) was the worst actor/ess in the entire movie. She didn't have the 'fire' that she needed. She was supposed to be a spunky, almost Tomboy-ish character. The actress couldn't pull it off, she was flat. I particularly remember a sence where she flares up (I forget what over), but the 'anger' wasn't real. It was unconvincing at best.

I got done watching it and my gut reaction was "I want to re-make this!" That's how good the story was. The set, the lighting, and the costumes were all very good. Some of the actors/esses were better than others. It probably would have passed muster better with a different girl in the title role.

I guess it's a good thing I want to be a director, isn't it? And by the way, that horse ain't happy...


"Oh really? After turning up your equine nose at apples ("All horses love apples!"), carrots ("Have you tried giving him carrots as a treat?"), and mulberries, you are going to tell me that you like briarberries!"

*Snuffle...snuffle* *bumps gently with head*

", have some more."

It's true, Snip decided he likes briarberries as much as I do! (Maybe better--some of them were rather bitter.) I got off at in back pasture along the fence line because I wanted some of those berries. On a whim I offered my sweaty horse one, figuring he'd turn it down. Much to my suprise, he lipped it right up and ate it. I gave him a few more and he started poking his nose into my back when I turned around. Interesting...I wonder if they taste like sweet feed? They don't smell like it...

When I came home, as I was coming up the driveway, I see Savannah coming down it (in the car). I had just closed the gate, too. Anyway, we pull up window to window and she tells me Granddaddy was sending her to town for a BK burger and fries! Oh well. I told her, "Don't let any of those cowboys pick you up!" She sure looks cute in her cowboy hat with her earrings and make up on :) I look just the opposite most of the time--cowboy hat on top of a grimy face. Doesn't mean I can't smile as hard though!

I think it is now time for supper--so bye for now!


P.S. Mr. Bill--if you're reading this--I finally got the RSS feed put on here. You were interested a couple weeks ago and I forgot to do it until today! Sorry. ~~R
During our town trip this afternoon, Savannah and I stopped at the local music store. I wanted to see about those strings I 'ordered' a couple months ago. The owner recognized me, "Haven't you been here before?" I laughed, "A couple months ago!" I took a pretty brown guitar off the wall and and played 'Greensleeves' jig-style. I find it interesting that "Greensleeves' is universally known by people of all music walks. This young man has a fairly clean-rock look. (If that makes sense.)

When I mentioned the stings he said he sold them all--the mirachi players buy 2-3 packs at a time. He said he'd have more in next week. SO I may poke back in there soon. He gave us his phone number if I wanted to call and make sure the strings were in...I think I'd rather just walk in. I hate using the telephone.

He mentioned that they have a studio in the back and Savannah asked if we could take a look. He said sure! Once standing in the studio, Savannah mentioned that I'm a aspiring filmmaker and from there we got a business pitch. A good business man pitches his talents with confidence and yet not in a pushy fashion. He just 'dropped' the fact that he does sound mastering for $40 an hour. Other than that, he gave a short explaination of why mastering needs to be done, that he's worked on movies, he's done commercials, and of course, recording. Overall, it was a pretty pleasant conversation...I was feeling slightly awkward standing in the doorway with my spurs bumping whatever that contraption was behind me. Savannah said I sound like I need to go to the chiropractor the way I walk. My right spur clangs lounder than my left. I have a funny gait--that's for sure.

The reason I was booted and spurred was simply because we went to the feed store first (Yay! they StockandStable12 today *laughs*). Once we got home, I grabbed a snack and jumped back in the truck. It didn't take thirty minutes to get the bit in Snips mouth today...I'm glad. I got overheated--it's funny how quickly one can get overheated bouncing around on the back of a horse.


The Setting: Supper Time

Granddaddy had left the table for a minute, so he missed all the fun...

I looked up and said, "That's Alfalfa." (The resident fence breaker heifer.) I continued watching her as she slowly, nonchalantly headed toward the fence. I said something to Savannah akin to "She's going to come through the fence. Just watch." She looked both ways as she meandered, paused and made a show of nibbling some grass, looked up and came closer. Then she took a swipe at the grass once more and poked her nose on the fence. By this time I'm giggling like a nut and Savannah too was laughing. Just as Alfalfa was fixing to step through the wire, Savannah hopped up and went out the back door where she gently scolded the ornery critter. Alfalfa wandered off. At the end dinner Savannah said, "There she is!" Sure enough...that stinker had wandered to a place where we couldn't see her and come through the fence! Savannah ran her in (I was washing the dishes.) It was really more funny than this sounds :) Honest.

We spent the day spraying soda apples again today.

Got two go...


We went through 3 batches of spray today...and still aren't done spraying those nasty weeds. I'm whipped. I don't know why exactly I should be, I just strolled around with the wand and sat on the back the pickup between times. My right hand got pretty tired squeezing that handle--even though it's not stiff at all.

As I was washing the dinner dishes, I looked out the kitchen window and saw a cow getting a drink out of the trough. Behind her I noticed as tiny little black calf. Brand new...he was even still wobbly :) It's always neat to see the calves right after their born.

Then Savannah and I ran into town to get water and eggs. We headed for the water kiosk first...both sides were occupied. As soon as the one side was free, a pick up drove up between us and it. We decided to go on to the store and get the eggs. We had the kiosk to ourselves when we got back :)

Sorry this is rather flat tonight...I'm not on a roll :) (Obviously!)


That's the day in a couple of words.

First, we sprayed soda apples. Unfortunately we didn't finish (I think we could have, but anyway...) It was time to go in for lunch and then because it was perhaps looking like rain Savannah decided that we shouldn't bother (didn't want the rain to wash it off). However, it didn't rain at all. Savannah drove the truck and I did the spraying...most of the time I was actually walking around with the spray wand.

After lunch Savannah went and got vegetables. I messed around on the computer, drank my coffee, washed the dishes, and started to match footage to narration...which leads to the next point.

I had Savannah read my narration, both as a voice test and as an editor. The latter kind of just happened. She is my best critic :) I really would like a male voice so I may end up posting a 'Wanted: Male Voice Actor' in the Jobs forum on I'm fully intending on doing that for the voice overs anyway. Anyway, that brought on a conversation about how we talk. I'm terrible at V/O (I guess I can call it that) because unless I talk REALLY slow I tend to slurr my words...and when I do talk very slow, it sounds awful and it makes my jaw hurt!

Snip and I had another 'bit-fight' but I won in the end. Then we took a gallop...or two...or half a dozen...or maybe even a baker's dozen :) In between we walked...and worked on spins...and backed...and sat...Normal stuff all :)


Good morning! Before I get started with my day, I thought I'd try Weebly on the "big computer" (i.e. my video computer--it's newer so I thought maybe some of these changes might work better over here...)

I am going to spray soda apples today. Here's why--some of them are getting ready to drop their seeds. I can't very well dig anymore until we get the ones in the burn hole burned--and it's been too wet and the plants are still soggy (not so grand for burning). In fact, I had a thistle that I dug one day; the next day it was still rigid and green!

This morning I intend to go through my Narration and look at my footage and kind of map some of it know: this shot to that paragraph and part of this shot with that paragraph.

After lunch I'll spray soda apples and then hopefully ride Snip again this afternoon. It took the usual 30 minutes to get the bit in him (I'm a bit stiff from that yesterday). After riding I changed the bits out because the one I've been using isn't wide enough for him. He kept getting the side shaft between his teeth (NOT good). (Maybe...just maybe that's why when after I switched headstalls he started to throw his head like a idgit.)


(So it did work over here...maybe all the changes were complete...I'll try again on the other computer and see if it works....)
Hmmm...Weebly's done a few changes here again...I'll have to get used to it. I don't seem to be able to erase anything in the title line...forgive that final 'r'. I was attempting to write something that sort of gave you the idea of how a mower sounds...

I went over to our place this morning and mowed. Before I actually started mowing though, I picked up a few sticks and threw them over the fence. I also got a stick and lifted Jake-no-shoulders out of the pool. He kept attacking the stick...I also noticed he was beating his tail on the floor; like a rattlesnake.

At first I wondered why the Kubota didn't seem to be cutting as well as I thought it should. I remembered all of a sudden that I should speed up the engine's rmps...that REALLY helped. The only disaster was when I ran into the gate...I bent it out of shape some more, broke my watch, and bruised my wrist. Also, I wasn't sure I was going to get unstuck from around the RV tent, but I made it after a lot of backward/forwards stuff. I raked up the really nice grass from over the septic finger and pitched to the cows. Strawberry didn't seem to interested in it somehow.

Speaking of cows, Snowflake is springing! Her bag is starting to expand and her volva (did I spell that right, Daddy?) is swelling. I think I'd better be poking in on her fairly often at this point--it's her first calf and she's kind of small. Prancy is filling out and Socks looks a lot better. The Captain and Strawberry also look good. The grass is green :)

I got back here about 12:30 to be informed that Granddaddy's mower was ready at the shop and so after I ate lunch and had my coffee, we went to get it. He is now mowing. He took a break when it poured down rain for 10-20 minutes. I was just fixing to walk out the door to go ride Snip when it started to rain. I still think I'll go's not 3:30 yet and that lazy rascal needs to be ridden. Pray that he'll take the bit without too much of  a fight...