I broke my left clavicle yesterday...yes, I did. Right at the end, see?
Here's how it happened: I was attempting to worm Snip. I had him tied to an old H-frame. Dumb...dumb. I knew better.

Anyway, I got the syringe poked in the corner of his mouth and started to depress the plunger. Snip took to his heels (literally) and backed up with speed. When he hit the end of my pretty red lead-rope, he just kept right on going and busted the cross-bar right on out of there.  Naturally, it went flying. The post bashed into me, knocking me down. However, all that is rather fuzzy--what actually transpired between the moment I started tripping over my own feet in an attempt to make Snip stand still and the time I was on my knees screaming, "Savannah!!" at full blast can only be guessed at. Suffice it say, I came close to panicking, but didn't.

What I do remember is staring down at my hands while bellowing for Savannah. I could move them, but they were numb and tingling, as was my head. What we think happened was that, due to the way I was standing, I got the brunt of the fencepost on the left shoulder. I'm positive is wacked me on the back of the head too, but by that time my shoulder and my beloved hat (which by the way is smashed worse than ever), had slowed it down enough that it didn't give me a concussion or fracture my skull. I do have a spot on the left side if my heads that bled a little. However, I didn't discover that it had bled til about 3 this morning!

I staggered up and started for the house, but decided to take the extra time to close the electric gap...no need for Snippy to meander into the yard afterall.  By the time I stepped in the door and yelled, "Savannah!" again (in a weaker voice), my left shoulder and the back of my head hurt pretty bad. She got ice on me immediately and called Mama and Daddy--who then Skpyed. Granddaddy was worried and he came and sat down across from me--I was sitting on the coffee table. When I mentioned that needed something to drink, he immediately got to his feet and got me some water. I really did appreciate it, especially as I know how unstable he is on his feet.

Anyway, between us all, we made the decision to take me to the doctor. Turns out, I'm glad we did. Or else I'd probably damaged it worse. So....I'm in a sling. I went to the doctor this morning, though I didn't actually see him, and have a follow up in two weeks. They will x-ray me again at that point.

At the ER last night, they took me to the x-ray room in a wheel-chair big enough to almost fit two of me. The technican was nice and we kind of joked about it. I made some goofy remark about getting the 'royal' treatment--I could have walked down those corridors, but granted, it sure was faster in the chair! I also asked him, as we wound around, "Do you ever get lost in here?" He said that he had when he first started, but not any more.

Well...I'll see ya'll later!


I took Snip for a ride yesterday and vice versa. But before that, the bit went in pretty smoothly. He resisted it some, of course, but I was throughly impressed on how quickly it went in. YAY! I made sure I praised him and petted him and told him what a good boy he was/is.

I waded the stinker in water several times--my usual spots were all water-logged and the gates all flooded. Snip still isn't the most sure about water .

I was galloping along in the southeast pasture when I noticed that Snippy seemed to be moving slightly weird. Then--BAM!! It happened! Snip took off like he was a regular ol' buckin' bronco! Brat horse. This was the worse bucking yet--but I stayed on :) I hauled him in, hollering at him the whole while and squeezing as tightly as I could with my knees at the same time. I think if it weren't for stirrups, I'd a been on my head. As soon as I got Snip to keep all four feet on the ground, I pulled his head around and gave him a very loud scolding (I normally don't scold that loudly). Naturally, he put on that rather innocent look and then behaved himself pretty well for the rest of the day. It's kind of strange though...once I felt that motion--which I can't describe--somehow (and unconsciously) I expected that he'd start bucking.

After unsaddling him, I strolled around as he did my edging for me (aka eating the tall grass along the outside of the fence) waiting for the vet to show up. When they did, the lady (she's the vet's assistant) asked, "Is this the horse we cut for you?" Yes... So they did the coggins (blood-draw) and gave him his shot--a West Nile, 2-3 encephalitis, tetness, and flu combo.

I told Dr. K that I got bucked yesterday when she was fixing to crack my back from the side (that kind of hurt of a minute)...she was fine with that so long as I didn't fall off :D The bucking didn't hurt, so I guess it didn't bash me out of shape too bad...


This guy is one amazing cello player! I wonder how many cello's this guy has and how many bow's he goes through in a year....After watching him play, I pulled out my cello and played for an hour :)


Today was my second appointment at the chiropractor's...and the first time I got 'cracked'. I had a 10:30 appointment so we kind of had to run out the door, but we got there on time. Dr. K showed us my x-rays and now I know that half-a-dozen of my vertebrea are twisted to the left. (I just about said the 'west' for some reason.) Anyway, Dr. K gave me my first adjustment--complete with a neck-cracking. That felt kind of weird. Savannah said she couldn't hear it, but it sure sounded loud to me! :)

We were going to go to the Goodwill before lunch, but driving by they were closed--probably because of this storm that has been totally hyped for the last week. Instead, we just went to lunch at our usual place whenever we go to P.C. I had grouper, as usual, and ended up feeling kind of strange--the green beans had something on them, I'm positive. I hate eating out...even if I like the food I almost always come away with a strange feeling...

Then came the real adventure...the car wouldn't start. In other words the ignition switch was not responding. After several phone calls to different people, Savannah called a tow-truck and in the process found out that there is a Saturn place just around the corner and the owner could probably replace our ignition switch 'right now'. The tow-truck showed up and soon had our poor car up on the bed. Our driver was real friendly (I guess you have to be if you're a tow-truck driver and get strange people in your cab with you on a daily basis) and soon established that we were sisters...he found out that no, I'm not the older one :D It was hilarious really--he said that Savannah had a more 'secretrial' appearence (secretaries are 'more fun') and I had a 'teacherly' appearence (teachers are more welcoming). Then he added something like, "I'd better stop before I dig myself into a hole."

He deposited us at the Saturn place and then, of course, the car cranked up immediately--several times. Anyway, we went ahead and got the switch replaced and he even replaced our back-up light that was out. (I don't think he charged for that...)

From there we went to the health food store so Savannah could get some more suppliments. Then we came home. Then we played some music...I have no idea how many times we played 'The Girl I Left Behind Me' (one of my all-time favorites), but we were working on my main trouble spot. Now I have it figured out, I just need to spend some more time on the jump  half-way through. That is still clunky. We also sang a little and I sounded awful by the time we were done :) I won't tell you what we did next--or you really might think we are CRAZY. (Okay, okay! We took a 'boom-box' outside and danced around in the wet-grass! Exercise you know....)

Then dinner...then dishes...then "The Rifleman"...then blogging....and I can't go any further...I don't know what's next ;D


SO...hopefully, this is the last installment on a certain John Deere tractor in a while. I FINISHED TODAY! However, before I finished, I had an adventureous morning...

First thing after breakfast I went out and got to work. I don't know how long I'd been out--under an hour I'm pretty sure, when all of sudden I realize something isn't right. I glance over my shoulder to see the left (depending on how you're looking at it of course) hydraulic arm, along with the sway bar, floating and dragging! "Great...I lost the pin."

I hopped off and retraced my steps (ahem, tracks), but didn't find the pin. I didn't really think I would...try finding a metal ring about an inch and a half in diameter with a small metal bar through it in tall grass, weeds, and clippings. Maybe if you had a metal dector :)

Since I couldn't find it, I went to the 'tool-box' attached to the side of the tractor and grubbed around in there. Thankfully, there was another pin--somewhat rusty and certainly a lot stiffer than the other one. Next, 'all I have to do is put the hydraulic arm and sway bar back on and--once I get the stupid pin open--put the pin in and I'll be ready!'

Well, folkies...that was easier said than done. I pushed and shoved and banged the bar with first a wrench, then piece of steel. I managed at some point to bash the knuckles of my right hand...I took my glove off a bit later to call Savannah (I'll get to that) and I thought it looked like a blood blister. It was and I busted it later...but I'll get to that too :D

Anyway, I was beginning to be desperately in need of water, so I called Savannah. It seemed like it took her FOREVER to come with the water...I'm afeared that in my over-wrought state I was rather snappy and unkind when she did get there. Once I slugged down three plastic cups full of water and finished hyper-ventilating and shaking like a lawn mower, I got back up and we got the bar on. We filled up a water bottle and I stuck it on the floor board where it wouldn't roll away. I did eventually drink it all over the course of the afternoon, but by that time it was about the temperture I like to drink my hot tea...

After getting the mower back into commission, I mowed for another hour (or so) before coming back to the house at 11. I then went to town and got diesel--I didn't want to run out again. While there I also got gas for the pick-up. It was also on the diesel can that I busted the blood blister on my knuckle. I bleed all the way home, driving with that finger stuck straight up into the air. I wonder how many people though I was waving at them?

The afternoon was uneventful...I mean, other than the fact that I furthered my farmer's (or in this case rancher's) tan and got my face somewhat sunburned. (I took my hat off while operating around the trees.) Anyhow, I'm done! And my nose is sore...not just sun either...I sneezed and blew and sneezed and blew--on top of the sunburn :D

That's my day...how was yours?


Okay, so ya'll are going to start thinking that I can't talk about anything but tractor's...well, I can, but a certain John Deere tractor has been my main focus now for days...

I had to go to town today because a) the cows needed mineral and b) to price a new bush-hog mower. I went to Tractor Supply first to check on the mower. It is a small world (in a small town), out there folks. First off, I see Tommy (one of the guys who helped us work cows back a few months ago). I got introduced to his wife...but I think he forgot to tell me her name :) Second, I find out that the little old lady (I say that with the upmost respect--she was terribly sweet) behind the counter goes to Granddaddy's church!

Anyway, I called Daddy and he said "Buy it". So I did. Per instructions I asked if they would deliver it and while waiting for the answer (which was 'no', by the way), I chatted away with the aforementioned lady. Daddy had also told me to talk to Carl (who happened to be at Granddaddy's with the 'Deacon's Brigade' ((3 guys!)) taking care of the fallen tree) and see if he could help me get the mower home.  Therefore, as I was leaving Tractor Supply headed for Smith's to get mineral, I grabbed my phone (what would we do without cell-phones?) and called Savannah. She went out to talk to the men and when I got home I got the low-down: I would go meet Carl and Ronnie at Tractor Supply later.

I killed a little time on the computer and piano before Ronnie called Savannah to tell her he'd be at Tractor Supply in about 25 minutes. I left about 10 after that, but he was there before I was anyway! He was coming out of the store as I arrived. Even though he didn't have the receipt, the guys were already on their way to load it onto Ronnie's trailer. (Comes from having a fellow church member behind the counter I guess :D) Carl showed up minutes later. Once the mower was loaded onto the trailer we (er, rather the men--but it was sort of at my instigation) checked to see if there was any oil in the crank-case/gear box/the um-what'd-ya-call it. It was bone-dry so Carl and I went in and got a jug of the right kind of oil and a tiny little funnel that bends--that made it a lot easier on the pouring end of the deal. So, right there in the parking lot, they put the oil in and then we headed for Granddaddy's. Once here, it took us probably 2 hours or so to get the thing unloaded and attached. The reason it took so long was because the pins which the hydraulic arms attach to had to be changed out for the ones off the old one so we could hook up the sway-bars.

At one point, I was greasing the PTO attatchment and Carl laughed and said something like, "You can tell she knows what she's doing!" I don't really :) I've not really done anything with machinery until this year. Anyway, I do know that greasing is important...

After we got it all hooked up, Ronnie (who was soaked with sweat) said, "Now you have to mow some!" I took it down the driveway and back, thereby mowing, to a great extent, the drive--which needed it. They were both pulling out as I reached the head of the driveway and so I was only really able to give big grins and thumbs up by way of thanks...

I went out and mowed in the pasture for about 30 minutes, but then came it because lightening was flashing around in the distance. I didn't scalp the earth ONCE with this new mower and I think I might have actually been mowing closer to the ground! I like this mower :D

However, I'll bid ya'll a good-even'...supper's going on the table!


My intention today was to try to finish the weed mowing in the pasture...I might have to if the 'Tales' part of this post hadn't happened. So, the morning went all right. I did realize (I heard it) that part of the bush-hog attatched to the rear wheel had busted, but I went ahead and finished the morning out. I didn't think it was too much of a problem (but we'll come back to that later) at the time.

Anyway, after lunch I headed back out to mow. Granddaddy reminded me to check the fluids...which I did--minus the fuel. So I'm puttsing along and I was almost to the gate when the tractor up and died on me (again...remember, this happened in part 2 of the story). First thing I did was check the wire that was the problem previously. That was fine, so I crawled down and decided to open the fuel cap. After opening it, I peered into the depths of the dark hole...not even the tinest reflection flickered back at me. Great..."I'm out of diesel!"

I strode back to the house, popped in to get my wallet and keys and tell everyone I was going to town. Granddaddy asked me as I walked by (before I had a chance to open my mouth), "Are you out of fuel?" See, he does pay attention to what goes on around him!

I got 10 gallons of diesel (only have two 5-gallon cans) returned home, put them in the tractor, drove the truck to the house and was coming in to drop off my keys and wallet when Granddaddy--on his way out--asked me if I had tried to start the thing. No, I hadn't. Good...because it has to be 'drained' first if you run completely dry. So we bounced back out there in the pick-up (me munching on dried apricots again). He took care of the 'draining' process (I think 'bleeding' would be a better term) while I watched. Then I cranked the engine and it roared to life.

I went through the gate and started to engage the PTO and the engine died on me. I don't know why. Anyway, I tried again (Granddaddy was standing behind it--at a safe distance) and it worked that time. Almost immediately, he signaled me to turn the mower off again, so I did, climbed down and went to find out why. He pointed out the broken part and told me the blade was hitting it (so it had been...I thought it was probably just the broken part banging, but I guess not) and that 'we' needed to weld it before I used it anymore. Okay, so I returned the tractor to the barn.

Since Granddaddy didn't seem to enthusiastic about attempting any welding (he knows how, but he doubts how well he can do it anymore and I don't know how to weld at all!) I asked him if he'd like to me to call Daddy and see if he knew anyone who might do it for us. He said yes (basically), so I called Daddy. I explained the situation (and sort of got into trouble for running the tractor dry--I'll be more vigilant in the future about the state of the fuel) and he told me to check how much a new bush-hog costs next time I go to town (which will probably be tomorrow--the cows are out of mineral again; they certainly go through it faster during the summer...)

SO...after that I decided I might as well ride Snip. It only took about 15 minutes to 'bit him'. I didn't get flustered at all with him today. What an ornery critter he is! He puts his ears back and throws his head up and sometimes he gets wacked on the nose simply because I can't help it--in other words, he wacks himself on the nose using my hand (or forearm as the case may be). Rascal... Then, like normal, as soon as the bit is in, he relaxes and usually pokes his nose into the grass...so I have to jerk his head up :D Goof-ball.

I did all the gate closing/opening after galloping for a bit. The cows had already rotated themselves through. By the way, I think that the black calf is a bull...(that was my initial impression anyway...) While riding in the back pasture I noticed a couple buzzards in the trap and also got a whiff of something dead. I rode on into the trap and over to where the buzzards had been and sure enough--just like I expected--there was a dead calf. It had been red...that's all I can tell you about it. So whether it was still-born or abandoned I don't know.

I rode a little deeper into the woods on the property Granddaddy leases...it seems like everytime I ride back there I go a little farther in. I almost always get the sensation that I ought to be carrying a firearm with me--something bigger than a .22. I got the willies early on because I almost put my head in a spider-web containing one of those banana spiders of some sort. If you can't guess, I'm none to fond of said spiders.

Now, like the sensible child that I am, I am hungry...like usual. I'll see if I can't start rounding up supper (maybe...) Savannah is outside walking and I don't know if she had anything planned--but somehow I think we're having left-overs again. Doesn't bother me, I like left-0vers (especially if I liked them the first time around :D)


Last week, we had two calves born on the same day...on the spur of the moment, I shot this video. AND guess what! I figured out how to embed a YouTube on here now :D


I woke up this morning determined to mow the pasture. So, after breakfast, I betook myself to the barn, hooked the battery charger to the tractor's battery, and then remembered I had to put the cover back on...and that the remaining screw was on the dinning room table. (I lost the other one in the pasture--I don't know if I mentioned that before.) In putting the cover back on, I had to work around the battery charger cables--which really wasn't a problem. The problem was finding another  screw that was either big enough or small enough! Those of you who know me well (like my family :D) know that such small frustrations can turn me into something of a grouch...particularly if I have to explain it to someone! Anyway, after rumaging in the barn (I can't find anything in that mess! And obviously, I haven't gotten to the cleaning project I was planning this summer...), then in the garage, and that dangerously stuffed drawer in the house, I clumped back out to the barn with a screw that I doubted would fit. It didn't. Then I looked in the top of the tool-box for at least the second time and found an old pill bottle. It rattled so I took the lid off and providentially, there was a screw I could use! It took a few minutes to get the screws in (as well as a little elbow grease...I had to hold the cover up--it wanted to pop off.) 

I adjusted the lawn mower in the other bay in the barn, thinking I would probably need to pull the truck in like I did last time and jump the tractor. I took a short break in the house...by then I needed a drink and a mid-morning snack :) I ate a couple dried apricots on the way out the door. I was still munching on the last one when I crawled onto the tractor, turned the key and pushed the starter button. It started! Without being jumped! I was really surprised, but quite pleased.

I spent the next couple hours mowing. I did scalp the ground some throughout the day; but you know, it's kind of hard to see those dips when the grass and weeds are so high. I also discovered that the hogs have rooted up a bit more ground then I initially thought. I didn't see any of them, but I did remark to no one in particular, "I need to shoot me a pig." Then I got to thinking--could I butcher one? Am I big or strong enough?

I got hungry shortly after that and came in for lunch :) After lunch I went back out and mowed some more...I'm guessing that I spent four hours on the tractor with just one short break (I needed another snack :D). (Making a total of 6-8 hours mowing today--and I'm still not done.)

By the time I was done f, I was 100% dirty, 10% sunburned, and very itchy. I also was stuffed up. That much dirt and grass would make anyone's nose run. But I enjoyed it :) I tried singing some, but was hoarse and shouting at the top of my lungs, so I really didn't sound good at all. It just made me laugh. Do you think I'm strange or what?

The worse part of the day was the itching and the goat-heads stuck in my pig-tail braids. After lunch while drinking my coffee and staring at the computer screen, I reached up to scrach the back of my head and stabbed myself with a mean goat-head. It sounds funny, but it wasn't at the time...

Ah...life :)


What do they have in common? Yesterday.

I'll spare you the gory details of my morning and start post lunch. After taking care of the lunch dishes, I pointed my noise toward town. In the Republican presidential primaries we voted at the county offices, so I went there first. I knew that the Rodeo Grounds was one place to vote, but I didn't know if that was where I had to go or not. I went in and was standing there...obviously I looked like I didn't kow what I was doing, because the lady walking around in the lobby on  her cellphone asked if she could help me. She directed me to the Supervisors of Elections office down 'that' hall. I walked in, stated my plight, had to give my name and birthday  (I forgot to tack the year on to start with!), and was promptly told I had to go to the Rodeo Grounds. (The girl who works in there is kind of cute and perky...she smiles a lot.)

So, I hopped in my car (rather, Savannah's car) and headed for the Rodeo Grounds. I got there without getting lost :D I went in and I was talking to myself as I stepped through the door. Now, this is funny...one of the poll workers asked me, "Where you talking to yourself when you came in?" I laughed (along with everyone in the room--only poll workers) and admitted I had. "Welcome to the crowd." It certainly made my voting experience pleasant :) I like laughing.

I left after casting my vote--I'm glad to say that one of the men I voted for is HSLDA approved! There was a tabby hanging around outside the door that wanted to be petted, so I gave it a couple strokes before I left.

From there I went to Wal-Mart and got some banana's (poor Granddaddy had been out for several days--I think he ate 3-4 yesterday afternoon), milk, eggs, cheese, and onions. I almost always grab a sack of onions when I'm in there--we cook everything with onion.

Fast forward: It was POURING down rain when I dashed from the house to the car on my way to the SCV meeting last night. I'm glad that my umbrella was in the house (I had thought it was in the pick-up...a lot of good that was going to do me :D). Even then I got my skirt soaked in the few seconds that it took to seat myself, swing my legs in, close the umbrella, and slam the door. By the time I got to the A.'s it was just sprinkling. I met some very nice men last night. Other than myself and Mrs. A. there was one other lady--Dolly. I like her :) A little more on the rough side than Mrs. A. but nice all the same. After the meeting, she came up to me and said, "I've been staring at your hair the whole time...how do you do that?" Being myself, I grabbed my hair clips out of my hair, took the 'snappy' clips out of the top, shook it out and put it back up in demonstration. It is so much easier than attempting to explain: "You take this chunk in front, give it a half-twist, hold it in place with two of the clips...then take some from either side, give it a bit of twist, and hold it in place with the clips....Then tie the remainder of your hair in a knot and stick these jaw clips into it!" *grin* See what I mean?

I was told by Mr. A. to stand up and tell people who I was. I was already pretty comfortable in this group of fine Southern men, so I hopped up and really spent more time on the Cow Cavalry project than anything ;) My next interviewee was there so we talked a little bit...he's been real busy and it won't be for another couple weeks before he can be interviewed.

I even got to see a fella in Confederate uniform :) The eldest gentleman in the room was getting rid of his because he's not going to do anymore events where he dresses the part. So, the gent I was sitting next too, Billy, tried it on and came out for everyone to see...He bought it :) It fit him perfectly.  I put one of Mr. A.'s kepi's on my head. I didn't go look in a mirror or anything, but I was told that it looked good on me :) (You know, you can wear one of those things with a bun!)

I also spent a great deal of time talking to a Mr. S. They homeschool and his 13 year old daughter has an interest in filmmaking. So we talked about everything from home-education to filmmaking to boys/young men (lack of, mainly) to eschatology. I'm post-mil (had to admit I wasn't too sure about how post-millennialism handles the millennium--all the details) and he is pre-mil; but we could agree that God is Soveriegn. Mr. A. says he's pretty close to post-mil.  It was an awesome evening. I throughly enjoyed myself.

On my way home, on the home stretch, I was barreling down the road (going a little over the speed-limit. NO ONE does the speed-limit on that road anyway...) and out of nowhere I see this girl--who looked soaking wet--waving her hands in the air as though she was signaling me to stop. Well, I hit the brakes, but I didn't stop...my brain got to whirling. Here I was, a girl, by myself, at night--unarmed...nope, no stopping for me. I went on home. I almost cleared the house when I got home--Granddaddy was in bed with the door unlocked--but I didn't bother since anyone hiding in the house could have grabbed me before I even got to my bedroom where my gun is and as no one did I figured it was safe.

After taking my shower and as I settled in to Skype with my folks and after running my mouth for a while I mentioned the girl. Immediately, they told me to call the Sheriff's Office (now why didn't I think of that?) Finally, I got through after wasting my time calling (by accident) first the ambulence--thank-fully no one answered, then the city police who also didn't answer (not that they would have done me any good since we're not in-town), then finally the Sheriff's office non-emergency line. I gave the lady on the other end a discription of the girl and my best estimate of what time it had been. Oh yes, and I also mentioned the pick-up truck that had come up the driveway (it's a quarter mile!) and turned around in the front yard...

I was suffiently 'creeped' by this time. So after prayers when we all said good-night and the lights were out, I kept my snubbie in reach. I also did a little practice of how I could use my cellphone as a flashlight and shoot at the same time. I kept my finger off the trigger of course...

Not too long after going to bed and settling in with my door locked, I saw a flash. So, I sat up in bed and peeked out the window...sure enough, flashing police lights. I took the cardboard out of my window, grabbed my binoculars, propped up on the stone window sill, called my parents and gave them a play-by-play as I strained my eyes. (After all, I was looking through not just a dirty window, but a dirty screen with those binoculars--in the dark.) Must have been a car in the ditch--though I didn't really see any evidence of it when I poked out there this morning rotating the cows. (Speaking of which I still have at least two cows and a calf on this side of the fence. 'Bad Child'--so-called for her past fence breaking escapades--had her calf just moments before I came on her. She still had afterbirth hanging out her backside--I went in and got Granddaddy to come look--just in case she had a prolapse--and the calf hadn't gotten up yet. It was still wet.)

Anyway, I got back in bed around 12:15 this morning. If you can't guess, I kind of groggy today. I had a big day yesterday...