That's a Gene Autry song...and I actually didn't sing it today. However, it aptly describes things.

After playing my cello and guitar for an hour/hour and a half, I got the notion to go ride my horse. Actually, I didn't just "get" the notion...the desire, urge, whatever you want to call it, to get back on my horse has been growing on me for weeks now. Seeing the cavalry at the reenactments probably hasn't helped. :)

I didn't plan on doing anything foolish, just mainly walking Snip. It took several minutes to get the bit in his mouth (I want to switch back to the snaffle, but I haven't found it across the creek--I may even need a larger [longer] one). It didn't help any that somebody was shooting and Savannah was riding her bike. Anytime that crazy horse hears gun-fire any more he is all ears and eagerness. It really is strange since the first time he heard gun-fire (a .22 rifle no less!), he freaked out and pulled the gate down (okay, so it was a rotten post!). Now, first shot and bam! he's there (normally right behind the backstop).

I saddled him up after combing the mass of goat-heads out of his mane. By the time I was done he had something that reminded me of one of those 'fro-looking 80's hair-do's with the head band. I actually didn't need a bucket to mount (I was afraid I was going to :D).

We walked, identified hog-sign (there is some out there--just in an entirely different spot than last time I saw it), and towards the very end I trotted him and loped him just a little bit. I think he attempted a buck on me, so I sat him down and backed him. I can tell how out of shape I'm in--loping wasn't the breeze it normally is--my legs are weak (and by then my seat was beginning to feel the saddle.)

Still, I'm happy, I put my spurs back on my boots and rode my horse for the first time in weeks (er, months). Now, it's time for supper. See ya'll later!


11/24/2012 14:06:47

Please just be careful from now on.....

11/26/2012 02:29:02

That's the plan!


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