This thought has been wandering through my mind for several days now....but it is rather interesting how, at least in these United States, that there seems to be two levels of coming to adulthood.

At 18, one is old enough to join the military and die for their country. At 18, one is old enough to get their unrestricted drivers licence. At 18, one is old enough to vote. However, they have to wait until they are 21 before they can legally own a weapon, concel carry, and drink hard licquor.

If one is old enough to carry a weapon on the battlefield, why should he be restricted from conceal carry in a public place? If you're going to put an 18 year old in the driver seat and tell them to go do whatever, shouldn't they be responsible enough to drink licquor? Obviously not, because when they turn 21, what do they do? Kill themselves by doing 21 shots. Never fear, I won't be indugling in that foolishnes.

It all comes down to a mentality that has been propogated in our culture. During our "teenage" years, we young folks are supposed to sow our wild oats, be irresponsible, sleep all the time, be lazy, and get by with some serious lapses in good judgement--simply because we are "teenagers". I always hated the word.

Then, BAM! We turn 21 and are suddenly supposed to be respectible, responsible adults. OH, REALLY?? Someone please explain to me why--if up to this point--we have been allowed to be selfish, irresponsible goldbricks--why anyone should expect us suddenly be smart, hard working, self-motivated, usefull members of society?

I'm very thankful that my parents disavowed "adolecence" and "teenager" excuses and pointed me toward the Word. That they taught me to think and to act in a responsible fashion, in order to prepare me to be a responsible young woman. More than anything, I am grateful for their dedication in teaching me the truths of Scripture, for disciplining me when I needed it, and doing their part to mold me into a Christian woman. I still have a lot to learn, I still need to listen to my parents, but I feel that they have, by God's grace, got me pointed in the right direction.

So, here, on my birthday--on which I reach that second 'coming of age' milestone--I want to thank God and my parents for the life I have and the blessing I have been showered with. I look forward to future years--work, play, music, laughter, love--with the same joys and fears as I had yesterday.

Thank-you that I even have a birthday...


10/9/2012 01:18:18 am

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! I hope you have a wonderful day! Wish I could see you!...not sure I've ever seen you on a birthday... One 'o these days :)


Sandra Sullivan
10/9/2012 02:05:33 am

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! from me tooo, Enjoyed reading your birthday thoughts. Well said!! Point well taken!! God's Word and responsibility/accountability should be taught from our earliest moments of understanding. We can then be useful in the building of God's Kingdom through the working of His Holy Spirit in our lives. Love you!!


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