"Oh really? After turning up your equine nose at apples ("All horses love apples!"), carrots ("Have you tried giving him carrots as a treat?"), and mulberries, you are going to tell me that you like briarberries!"

*Snuffle...snuffle* *bumps gently with head*

"Okay...here, have some more."

It's true, Snip decided he likes briarberries as much as I do! (Maybe better--some of them were rather bitter.) I got off at in back pasture along the fence line because I wanted some of those berries. On a whim I offered my sweaty horse one, figuring he'd turn it down. Much to my suprise, he lipped it right up and ate it. I gave him a few more and he started poking his nose into my back when I turned around. Interesting...I wonder if they taste like sweet feed? They don't smell like it...

When I came home, as I was coming up the driveway, I see Savannah coming down it (in the car). I had just closed the gate, too. Anyway, we pull up window to window and she tells me Granddaddy was sending her to town for a BK burger and fries! Oh well. I told her, "Don't let any of those cowboys pick you up!" She sure looks cute in her cowboy hat with her earrings and make up on :) I look just the opposite most of the time--cowboy hat on top of a grimy face. Doesn't mean I can't smile as hard though!

I think it is now time for supper--so bye for now!


P.S. Mr. Bill--if you're reading this--I finally got the RSS feed put on here. You were interested a couple weeks ago and I forgot to do it until today! Sorry. ~~R
5/25/2012 08:50:00 am

Racheal, you are one of the cutest people I know! And you left out the part that I had just gotten back from taking Granddaddy to the eye doctor to get a shot in his eye :-(

There was more I was going to say, but the words aren't flowing in a reasonable fashion--so, I'll quit here!!!

5/25/2012 10:07:56 am

Well, I did, didn't I? I also forgot to mention that Snip rolled in the dirt wet--again!


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