That's the way I like to stay--especially if I'm getting something done. Sometimes I'm busy doing nothing while walking around in circles trying to figure out what to do. (When that happens, maybe I ought to just sit down and read and forget about someone thinking I'm lazy.)

The day started with laundry and an ironing pile. As ya'll who have know me for a while, I don't like to iron very well. Mom thought it was funny when I told the ironing board, "You and me are going to have to work on getting along better." It's true though, I love my cotton clothes--that wrinkle :)

Around 11:30, Mom asked who was going to take Granddaddy his lunch. It was me. I swept the kitchen floor over there while he ate (after I'd had a few peanuts and sprinkled extra peanut dust on the floor.) Then I buzzed through the dishes--I didn't break any glasses today.

After lunch I did the dishes at our house, more laundry (somehow I never managed to return to the ironing pile), and some computer work. By that I mean making sure the video I shot yesterday was alright. It looked kind of pixelated. However, once rendered and burned to a disk, it looked fine--other than poor lighting and cameraman (woman) work. What ticked me off worse was the fact that it had a time stamp on it! So even if it was decent I can't use it. Believe me, I turned that feature off as fast as I could.

I then grabbed my tripod and camera (and hot-shot) and returned to the pasture to shoot some more video. Today I think my biggest problem was that the tilting joints on my tripod stuck. Once I was done Daddy lubed them for me. It helped. I got some nice shots of palmettos :) (How boring, right?) I also thought Socks was going to try to stick her nose in the lens (she has no qualms about poking her big nose into your face), but she didn't. She understands the meaning of the ol' hot-shot. Obviously, so does Snowflake, because she shied away when she saw me pick it up.

I came in and put the video on the computer and looked at it. About the time I was done, Savannah asked me to run Granddaddy's supper over to him. I watched the last half of the "Rockford Files" episode he was watching with him. I really would have liked to see "The Rifleman" but I left before it came on because I had to go feed Snip. (That and I just now would be getting home...) I drove the pick-up this evening since Mom had the car. I like driving the truck :)

That's the extent of todays rambles...and now I'm ready for my own supper. Hmm, I wonder what it'll be?


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