I didn't have the time to write yesterday...because I really DID have a busy day.  I forget exactly where it started, but early on I was attempting to pin the hem of Savannah's ball dress up. She got light headed and nausous standing on the chair, so I didn't get finished. I had gotten about three quarters of it pinned up so she was able to finish pinning it later once she got to feeling better.

I went out to put the runway fence back up in a couple places and ended up having to run a bull calf back into the trap. The biggest black one. I also saw what I believe was a panther! It was running across the 'back 40'...definitely wasn't a dog and it was too big for a bobcat...and it had a long tail.

Then I made lunch--let's see we had chicken, squash, and green beans. That's exactly the same thing we had for supper too--only Savannah had put the Navy beans on sometime in the afternoon, so we had them too. I'm glad Savannah had warmed supper up because I wasn't available to do it.

Sometime in the afternoon I went down to check the mail and whistled to Snip. He came over to the fence (I think he is starting to get the idea that when I whistle it means "come here") and then we both headed back up the drive-way. It's kind of funny, I'll trot with him a little bit then he'll run off and leave me, stop and look back at me like, "Well, are you coming?"

I tossed the mail (sale ads basically) on the washer, hopped back into the garage and snatched up my lead rope, lounging rope (which is FULL of goat-heads--blah!), and whip. By now, Snip was standing there staring at his feed bucket (sink)--at 2:00 in the afternoon!! "No way I'm going to feed you this early in the day!" 

I got the lounge rope tied on his halter and drug him out. (Actually, he came out very easily.) We started to work and he started to crow hop (I just learned that term--it's very appropriate). Part of the reason was because he had a horse fly on him and part of it was just that he was being frisky. I'm glad to say that he has not tried to run off on me the few times I've lounged him recently.

Once I was done lounging him, I brushed that mass of goat-heads out of his forelock (and got few down the front of my shirt in the process. Then I put him away and ignored his sop-eyed request for his supper. :)

Around 3:30 or so, the W brother's showed up to help me work the cows. Tommy was the gate man, and Ricky and I each drove our respective trucks. Ricky didn't feel the greatest (not that he complained or anything), because he'd just had a tooth pulled. I learned (the hard way, like usual) how to push cows better with a pick-up. I usually am on foot or in the back of the truck just hollering.

Once we got the animal's in the pens, we--well, mostly Tommy and Ricky--just separated most of the cows and calves; without putting them in the hopper. Then we parted out the big calves from the little calves. We had seven total...only six went to market (four bulls and two heifers); I kept the white heifer and will be weaning her. Right now she is out in the pens. I have to go feed her and Snip here momentarily.

I rode into the market with Ricky and Tommy...there were a few funny incidents on the way there: 1) on one turn, it looked very much to me (in the back seat) that Ricky was going to bump a car sitting at the light...I instinctively grabbed a hold of the back of Tommy's seat. Ricky looked behind him with a grin, "Did you think I was going to hit him?" On the way home, when we turned onto a different road, he made an illusion to that incident...
2) We saw a dog slung out of someone's golf cart. It really was funny. I don't remember what Tommy said, but it made it funnier--then when I mentioned that, "My cousin did that to me once. I threatened to beat him up if I did it again..." (I was kidding him really...we were both laughing like crazy things), we kept right on laughing.
3) The two red bull calves were comfortably sparring with each other as we roared down the road in Ricky's awesome Dodge diesel truck.

Once we got to market, Ricky had me talk to the man; so I learned that part of the deal too. I told him who the calves belonged to and how many we had. He handed me the pink slip with our selling number on it--#13. Sometime later today I'll have to take Granddaddy and go pick-up our check.

When I got home, I ran and fed the horse; poked food down myself and dashed through the shower. Then we girls headed off for the SCV meeting. To cut things short, I'll just say that we're now offically part of the Order of the Confederate Rose--which will meet at the same time and place as the SCV... :D (Each OCR chapter must be affiliated with an SCV camp.)

Now--I HAVE to go. See ya, later!


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