Savannah and I have now moved over to Granddaddy's and the rest of the family has started on the long road north. The house over here is something of a mess still. I got around to getting my room straightened out today. This morning I got the computers set up. It took *forever* to get the WiFi going, but it was simply because I did have some code put in. I finally figured out that I needed it and once I typed it in--viola! Anyway, it sure would have been less grumpy if I'd known I needed it sooner :)

I'm still not sure where I'm going to set up my classical guitar 'station'. I put my Alvarez next to Granddad's electric, but the Cordoba is still boxed :(  It'll take another couple of days to get everything figured out. I will attempt to get back to normal blogging soon.

Friday I learned how to grease the Kuboda yard tractor and also how to run it. I mowed the grass at our place Friday evening. By the time I was done, both me and my nice white hat were more a gray color than our true color. Mom and Katherine raked up the grass over the septic field and fed it to the cows--who by the way often show up when they hear the mower because they know what is coming.

I'm hungry again. I have been hungry too much lately. I have been trying NOT to eat too much at meals. but if I don't I'm hungry in an hour (or less). What shall I do? (Go find a snack!)

I had something interesting to say, but it fled...oh well.


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