Ahem, excuse me, I'm clucking like a chicken. Why? Simple...chicken coops are on my mind!

I spent a good hour in town getting stuff I need to build the chicken coops. Would you believe it, but none of the places I went had this particular type of PVC pipe fitting? I got the 't', 'x', and elbow connectors, but I couldn't find one of those that looks basically like an elbow with an opening on top. The closest anybody had was at 'Do it Best'--they had one, but the top hole was like half-inch rather than one inch. I went to Tractor Supply, Smith's, and Ace and none of them had even that!

Now that I've finished my lunch (I wasn't ready to eat at lunch time, so I only ate about half my food), I'm going to go out and at least get started on the hoop houses. Savannah and I are planning that next trip to P.C. (Monday), we'll go to Lowe's or Home Depot. Surely they will have what I need! I can get everything else pretty much done before then and all that will require is a few minutes for each corner.

I still need the chicken wire...I forgot that today. Oh well, I'll get it later.

I look forward to getting my chickens at the end of this month! 


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