Last night we went to a free concert. The group performing was "Caribbean Sound", a five man group. Three of the members play the steel drums, or 'pans'. One man plays the lead pan and double seconds (a two pan set played at once). His son also plays the double seconds (which have a slightly deeper pitch). The other pan player plays a three drum set called 'triple guitar'. They explained the names of them all (including the number of notes they have) and gave a short  history of the development of the steel drum (in a very humorous, visual, and audial manner). Then there was the lead vocalist who also plays bass guitar (or maybe that should be, the bass guitar player who is also the main vocalist). And last, but not least, there was the "engine room"--the man who plays the drum set. They explained why he's the engine room--some of these steel drum bands are so large that it gets very, very loud and everybody is playing different--rhythms, I guess--so they put the drummer (or precussionists) in the middle and they make a circle about him. Thus, the term "engine room" because he's the guy who keeps the beat and every body follows him--he drives them so to speak and keeps them together. All the members played precussion instruments of some sort other than their 'pans' and drum set. They were really good and highly entertaining. I love the steel drums...the sound so awesome! (Mom remarked as we were leaving, "Wouldn't hymns sound wonderful on the steel drum?" We all had to agree.)

Therapy hurt today (as did yesterdays) but I got through it :) I have a lovely stack of paper with exercise instructions written on it. I also got my own jar of 'theraputty' for hand-strengthening. It is kind of like silly-putty, if you're familiar with that, only thinner somehow. Yee-haw! I'm all set for self-inflicted pain! Go me! (That sounds so stupid!!)
I think I'm feeling punchy, so I'd better get off of here...


1/13/2012 10:04:48

I love that type of music...I must have gotten some of that saltwater that flows in Mom's veins! They were really good and I thoroughly enjoyed the concert!

1/20/2012 02:32:12

Delightful music! That is man taking dominion--turning 55-gallon drum heads into fine musical instruments.... And the type of music itself is well suited to be written and used for the glory of God (not that only hymns are for the glory of God). I most thoroughly enjoyed myself, that night, even though it was loud, for I do like Caribbean music--most of the time....

Love you lots, Racheal!



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