We headed out Thursday morning after a whirlwind early morning trip to the feed store...

We got to our hotel in time to eat a quick snack-ish lunch and find the church (and Robert and Lessie) before the first session started. R.C. Sproul had the first talk--on justification. He joked throughout the weekend that he has spoken on justification at least as much as Martin Luther did! I did not realize until Thrusday afternoon that Dr. Sproul was a stand-up comic along with being a theologian...not that I have any problem with a little humor thrown in with my theology! :) The second session was supposed to be by a man named Robert Godfrey, but apparently he was so ill that he could not make it so they asked Steve Lawson to fill in for him. Mr. Lawson therefore did...he spoke on the nature of Truth. Then there was a question and answer session--during which I did not take notes. It rather amused me when the Presbyterians and Baptists got to talking about baptism...Mr. Begg and Dr. Sproul had a nice friendly argument. (I wish theological discussions could be that amiable more often!) There were two 'optional' sessions by author's about their latest books. I sat in part of one of those and talked to Robert some. The final session of the day was Alistair Begg on preaching the Word. I forget when we ate supper Thursday evening...what I do remember is that Robert kindly purchased a Caeser salad for both Savannah and I (as he like-wise did twice on Friday).

Friday morning, bright and early, we were back in the chuch listening to Mr. Lawson talking about Martin Luther and the sufficency of scripture. His talk was followed by one by Cal Thomas (FOX news commentator) on the family. After a short break, we were back listening to Sinclair Ferguson on doctrine. Lunch (Caesar salad for us) was next. I managed to consume the entirety of that salad even though I wasn't exceptionally hungry...it tasted good, but I was stuffed.

After lunch came Mr. Alistair Begg instructing us to be merciful. Dr. R.C. Jr. (whom we have always known by the nickname 'Red-beard'--though it doesn't fit anymore since his beard is no more), spoke next on being a 'Good Offense'. There were two more 'optional' sessions after that and then Ravi Zacharias encouraged us with the knowledge that Christ is risen and what that means for us. He got a standing ovation. The speaking done for the evening, we went back to our hotel.

Saturday morning we were back at the church for a second session by Mr. Ferguson. He spoke of Christ and the church. There was a second question and answer session, which I likewise took no notes from. The final session was by Dr. R.C. Sproul on not compromising--the theme of the conference and what everyone was encourging in their lectures. I will get around to posting all my notes sometime.

Now for the more humorous stuff: coming back into the hotel Thursday night, the toe strap on my right sandel gave way. Oh well, I've had those sandels ever since 2004 so I suppose they were rather out of style! I also made the discovery that I didn't have a nightgown! I didn't do my own packing and whomever did forgot to pack one for me--probably because I didn't have one laid out. I'm grateful that someone else did do my packing because I was so flustered I might have forgotten something myself! Thankfully, Lessie had an extra nighty which she loaned to me.

Friday I was told at lunch by the ladies who had been sitting behind us, that they could hear me singing during the time of song before the sessions. I was rather astounded by that fact because of the beautiful loudness of the organ and the Symphonia (as well as nigh on 5000 people singing!)

We got one of the free DVD's on economics that R.C. Jr. was giving away for free...I look forward to watching that. I also got a free book by Steven Lawson on Luther when I signed up for Tabletalk--only for some reason I suspect that Robert and Lessie have it! We were car-pooling with them and I did have it in her bag...

Saturday morning, they had a volunteer choir sing the "Hallelujah Chorus". I was thinking about maybe trying (though I am really not very good at all singing parts), but by the time they were ready to start practicing, I was in desperate need of a cup of coffee. By the time I had had my coffee and was feeling like I could have given it a shot, the practicing was mostly done. They didn't loose anything by not having me in the choir either! :D At the very end of the conference, they got up there on stage and sang. It was so amazing!

We went to St. Andrew's Chapel on Sunday before heading home. St. Andrew's is beautiful, built like a minuature cathedrel. It was all beautiful...but, if I can say this without treading on anyone's toes...it had too much of a 'high church' feel to it. I'm a Presbyterian and I was on the verge of uncomfortable becuase it seemed to have an Anglican flair too it...it just wasn't Presbyterian, I guess!
Our hotel room..the decor through the hotel was very 1970's.
Friday morning coffee...I look like I needed it!
This is a job I WOULD NOT like to have!!
The Ligonier Symphonia (sans strings)...
The organ's pipes!!!
Close(r) up of the one side...
Savannah Saturday evening...

This morning we said, "Bye" to Mama and Katherine and they headed back for the domains far north...before they left we had a short picture taking spree...if you can't tell, the wind was blowing!
Goofy faces...
There...that's better!
See how much taller my little sister is?? Actually, I was slouched down some. :) She's reminding me to lift my chin so the second one doesn't show! :D


So, I really went crazy this morning. I did one of my spur of the moment projects. I sound so-so...but the point isn't to wow people with my etheral tones. Instead, the point is to show how one little girl loves her veterans. This tribute is especially dedicated to the men who were at Pearl Harbor seventy-one years ago today.


After a very busy Thursday packing everything (and I still forgot the apron and Savannah the peanut butter), we pulled out around 9-something Friday morning, headed almost all the way up to the Florida/Georgia border. We got there mid-afternoon and after locating the K's and D's camping spot, we meandered on into the sutler area...only to find that they weren't there. About the time we got back to the camping area, they pulled in. The men had gone boating the day before in their period-ish looking boats and slept out on a little island in the extremely heavy cold dew. Mr. K therefore was something of a grouch for the entire weekend...not that I have ever been grouchy when tired! (That's a laugh...anyone who knows me knows that I tend to get growly and bitey :})

So, we set up our tent between the K's trailer and the Caddy--which was parked behind the D's camper. I'm very thankful that the D's loaned us a heater because even with the wool blankets we would have been very cold if we hadn't had the heater.

Saturday morning we spent goofing off with Amanda in the sutler area. I bought a hat, a Confederate 3rd National flag, a book on Gen. N.B. Forrest, and we also picked up John Bakeless' Spy's of the Confederacy.  Savannah got a pattern book or two and we bought a 'Civil War' song book. On the way home yesterday I was attempting to sing some of them (and then I also talked on the phone quite a bit so I was really hoarse by the time we got home!)

We got ready to head to the "Ladies Tea" and went the wrong way first. Anyway, we finally arrived--fashionably late. :) The presentation was on period fabrics which I found quite interesting. I couldn't tell you much about it now, but I enjoyed it anyway. Savannah left sometime during the presentation (though probably it meant more to her than it did to me) because she wasn't feeling too well.

After the presentation they did their 'door-prize' raffle. My ticket won a certificate for a free fry-bread, but since I couldn't use it I gave it to Amanda--who turned around and won the second free fry-bread certificate! :D She and her mother used those for lunch Saturday and Sunday...free food...what's not to like?

Someplace between the tea and the battle at 2 pm, we had lunch. It seems like we were busy all the time even if we were just walking around doing nothing...

I didn't even attempt to film (even though I'm using DV I like the way 'film' sounds better than 'video' as a verb...) the battle on Saturday. I just wanted to watch. Besides, I thought it might make Sunday's filming easier (which as it turns out, didn't really because they set up different on Sunday!) I find the smoke-rings from the rifles and cannon quite neat. At one point when the Confederates fired a volley, the branches of one of the trees swayed from the forces of the power being expelled from the barrels. The Confederates 'dressed right' perpendicular to the spectator line so close that you could reach out and touch them several times. It was pretty loud. I wore my ear-plugs Sunday, despite Amanda's teasing about it. I want to be able to hear when I'm a little old (fat) lady...

After the battle, we went back to camp and we played some music with 7 lb's of Bacon. Mr. K handed his guitar to Aaron--Miss Dee's nephew--and walked off for a little bit. I made some comment about playing a certain song better on my classical and Aaron offered me Mr. K's (black nylon strings! So that's why I thought he had steel strings on it!). I let Aaron play mine while I played Mr. K's. First thing he started playing? Stairway to Heaven. Figures.

Then was supper. We sat around and talked some; then I drug Savannah off to get her changed into her ball dress. That was somewhat interesting in a dark tent. I'm glad I had that LED key-chain flashlight. I hung that up on a loop in the tent and it really helped. Then we showed her off...and it was then that Savannah discovered she had hoop problems. The skirt has too much fullness in the front so it pushed the front of the hoop down. We headed to the ball and got there early. (The band had said the dance started at 7--but the schedule said 8...so we, having actually heard the band, showed up at 7.) We took a few pictures and ended up with both Amanda and I laughing like crazy people. She was attempting to get me to play that stare down/keep a straight face game. I, of course, am an absolute flop at anything like that. We were cracking up simultaneously...which made it even funnier. :D

We did a grand total of four different types of dances: The Grand March, the Virginia Reel, the Waltz, and a Polka. The band was a brass band and while I think that 7 lb.s of Bacon are more fun these folks were good and I really liked the way they used the drum while transitioning between songs in a medley. Very marital...of such things I am a sucker for...

I did the Grand March with a tall, blue-eyed Confederate kid (probably about 17) with big dimples. I ended up scrunched between him and another gray jacket--I'm sure neither young fellow realized that the girl in the blue dress between them was as squished as she was. Both of them had longer legs than me too...which didn't help. :D It was fun even though I couldn't get myself out of that wedged position (I was literally half a step behind them because I couldn't get any farther forward thanks to their shoulders!)

The rest of the dancing I did, I did with a real soldier named Adrian. We talked about everything from dancing (a natural place to start), to the military (since I'm an Army brat and he's in the Army), to family history (he's half Mexican, half German/Irish--quite a mix), to my Cow Cavalry documentary, to reenacting. I was somewhat disappointed that nobody else asked me to dance, but I guess what can you expect when no one knows you and they all know each other.

The men were handed duck tape to stick on their heel-plates as they came through the door. It might have kept them from scratching the floor...but it didn't keep them from sliding around in their leather soled brogans. Of the we three girls from the 1st Fl Reserves, I'm the only one who had on rubber soles--and I'm the only one who didn't fall down. The floor was real slick and people did fall down. I think I actually kept Adrian from falling several times during the Virginia Reel(s) because I'd grab his hands tighter and pull the opposite direction when we sashayed. In other words, I acted as a counter balance. I really did think he was going down once, but he didn't. I'm glad because I might have tripped on him then!

Savannah danced with a fellow named Michael a couple of times. Michael (or, as Amanda would say, "the dude who took his boots off for that one dance"), was a friend of Adrian's and the last time Adrian tried to get him to dance with Savannah again, Michael made some comment of, "she's still rocking the cradle"....I don't know exactly what was meant by that, not sure I want to, but I almost gave said young man a bit of information on my sister (she's not a baby!) Savannah also danced with another young man named Timothy several times and got glared at for it. (The young woman doing the glaring was pretty but she was rather over exposed when it came to her chest--and rather surprisingly didn't get asked to dance very much.)

I have no idea who all Amanda danced with--but she talked about 'this dude' and 'that dude' on the way back to camp. It was kind of funny. :D She had a blast...I know she did...even though she groused about the music some.

Like at Ocklawaha, on Sunday morning, we set up in the middle of the suter area and played gospel music. This time we had more people stand around and sing than last time. We probably did that for an hour and half or two hours. Mr. K was still kind of grouchy...and I think he hurt Miss Dee's feelings about something.

Twice on Sunday, I went back to our camp looking for Savannah and both times she wasn't there--and then as I was fixing to head out again, here she'd come! It was rather amusing...
One of those times was lunch time.

I got some footage at Sunday's battle. I think it will be neat because I got the cavalry behind a screen of powder smoke. At least on my LCD screen they looked almost like shadows. I'm especially I wore my ear plugs because they put the Federal artillary right in front of the spectator line...it was a good battle though somehow I think in the real fighting that the cavalry would have been slightly more active.

We changed out of our period duds right after the battle (we already had everything packed) and said 'adios' to our friends and hit the road. We stopped at Bob Evan's for dinner and both had steak and eggs and coffee. We got fuel twice on the way home and arrived safely almost half way through 'Columbo'. Granddaddy had the garage light on for us and the door was unlocked (we wish he would leave it locked!) and he was fully awake.

Today I'm tired, but at least I got the car unpacked. I'll get the pictures up as soon as I can....


Friday morning I was busy running around packing the car so we could hit the road to head for Weirsdale. I started by putting stuff in the Saturn. I frowned and went, "Uh-uh. This ain't gonna work. No way we can get all this stuff in here!" So, I tramped into the house and basically told Savannah that we were going to take the Caddillac. (Which I DO NOT drive at all--it's painful for me because I have to scoot up so far to reach the pedals that my knee is jammed into the dash at an angle.)

Once I got the car packed and we ate lunch, we headed off. We arrived at the reenactment someplace around 4-ish (I think). Lt. Com. Keith K was working the registration desk and he told us where to go. I didn't talk to him about filming at that point. I did that the next afternoon. He's probably pretty nice once you get to know him, but I didn't get any warm fuzzies from the man. Even though we were camping modern we didn't stay in the modern camp (up by registration), but in the sutler parking area. I guess that was because we said we were with the 1st Florida Reserves (which is true). We were all lined up: the C's, the D's, the K's, us and then the W's. Savannah and I were the only one's tenting...except for Mr. Jack. He spent Saturday night in a single person tent. (I call them weiner tents...)

Other than us, the only 'young' people were Amanda C and her brothers Tom and Walter. Walter was only there Saturday (more on him later). I've taken quite a liking to Amanda. She's crazy in a different way than I am, but she keeps me in stitches. Underneath her goofy exterior, there is a pretty solid little girl, I think.

Friday night, Savannah and I pulled out our instruments and played for a little bit after Savannah recited "Paul Revere's Ride" and Amanda had read the Declaration of Independence from her school book. Don't ask how exactly that happened...

Anyway, Mr. Craig W pulled out his fiddle and Mr. Joe K his guitar and we all played together for a little out of Savannah's book. Once we got to Ash Grove, Mr. Craig asked us if we'd play it with him the next night at the dance/ball. We agreed. Savannah was actually the lead instrument, Mr. Craig played a harmony line, and at the dance, Mr. Jack and I played chords on the guitar, and Mr. D played his wooden box bass :D It sounded pretty good (even if I do say so myself). I only messed up once and Savannah says she messed up only once too! (I think I heard it when it happened, but she pulled it off so well it could have been intentional.) Savannah has remarked several times since that she was surprised that she got up in front of people and played from memory. I said it was because I had the music right there...I needed it for my chord markings!! So, because it was there, she didn't need it :D

Saturday morning, Savannah, Amanda and I wandered around a bit. I was going to talk to Mr. K then about filming, but he was being interviewed...so I waited until that afternoon. At 11:00 there was a ladies tea. Mrs. Anita L gave a nice presentation on black jewlery (a fashion statement of Queen Victoria's when Albert died) and had several of the ladies, Savannah included, walk around with the antique pieces she had for sale to show the rest of us. Also, she gave a little talk on authentic/age appropriate clothing. She pointed out one lady in her late 40's/early 50's as being very age appropriate and Savannah--particularly Savannah's bonnet. I thought that was pretty cool. :D The doorprizes were varied, from tea-cups to a parasol, to stocking to a brooch--which wonders of wonders, I won! I went to wear it Sunday, but it didn't quite hang right/look right on my dress so I went with my little siver bow with the heart locket that I wore last time.

Both Saturday and Sunday, the 7 lb.s of Bacon band played a 'concert' at 1:15 (or there abouts) and played until the start of the battle at 2:00. I didn't hear them as well Sunday because I moved to an entirely different local to shoot footage. I don't think anything I got is really much good. I mainly wanted cavalry footage and Saturday when I could have gotten some, there were light posts, cars, signs, and other stuff that messed up my shots. Sunday, I trooped out to the other side of the lake and set up where on Saturday the Confederate cavalry had galloped around. I still had to deal with light posts and a few other nuisences, but it was better--the little footage I did get. Even some of that I won't use because of the women...there were several women on the field...and I think most of them had on gray...Anyway, the number of women on the field actually rather disgusted me. Particularly the way they carried themselves off the field. I have a problem with women in the military anyway (main reason being it's not her role and secondly it weakens the military in a couple different ways). I was talking to Amanda about it and she also thought it was rather unrealistic--I know there were women who marched in both armies, but for starters, they would have been doing EVERYTHING to hide the fact that they were female...but, I'll get off this topic before I get myself buried any deeper... :)

I really can't tell you who won the battle on either day. I was so busy being glued to my LCD screen Saturday and frowning in concentration that I wasn't paying that much attention. Sunday, being across the lake, I couldn't see/hear well enough. It was kind of fun to look out there and go, "Hey, I know who that is! (Sorta...)" That was mostly the "Maine Boys" (I think that's what I heard them call themselves at the dance), who had been at Chipco. Yousef "dies" very well...he's quite an actor. (And he likes Savannah; I mentioned it to Amanda and she was like, "Oh, so you noticed it last week too?" :D )

On Saturday, while free handing with my camera behind the bandstand, a group of bluecoats marched in and one of the fella's on the end looked my way and gave me a friendly grin. Being myself, when someone (male or female) grins like that at me, I grinned right back, then returned my gaze to my LCD screen. I jumped several times when the cannon when off. I couldn't help but laugh somewhat when Yousef "died"--some Confederate officer stabbed him (once he was already down! I didn't think that was very nice...) I know it's not really funny, but he jerked so realistically and then rolled his head over and laid there with his mouth gaping. (Plus, I knew he was having fun.)

However, other than the dance, the most special thing that happened was Sunday afternoon. I was perched on the fence watching the battle across the lake (so, it was really more of a large pond). I had just moved closer to the fence, because I realized I was going to get in the line of fire. There was a group of Federal's behind me and a group of Confederate's in front of me. Anyway, the Confederate's started to fall back and the Federal's to chase them. I knew they were marching behind me, but was completely unprepared for what happened next. Out of the blue, I felt a gentle touch on my arm. I glanced down to see a bottle of water, then up at the man addressing me: "Ma'am. Compliments of General Brown." I managed a "thank-you" and then he moved on after his men. As I watched them march off and took the cap off the water bottle (I was thirsty and I just hadn't realized it), I teared up. If I could have crawled into a corner I would have had a good cry. As it was, I just fought the tears down. (Believe it or not, I'm fixing to cry again as I write this.) Just the simple gesture of the gift of his water bottle and the respect he addressed me with left me stunned. I am having difficulty describing the feeling that it gives me...it's gratitude, but also painful. I cannot think of any way to describe the event but special. It's also a good reminder that there were good men in blue during the War Between the States--they weren't all "Beast" Butler's, Sherman's, and Sheridan's.

Now, I'm going to talk about the most fun I had--the Dance!! I'm going to be calling certain people by their first names...I have no idea as to last names. Once I get the pictures up, I might point them out in the battle pictures...

It started with the Grand March. Last weekend I didn't get to do the Grand March, but this weekend, one of the "Maine Boys", Zach (age 16) asked me to do it with him. I'll go ahead and say I didn't turn anyone down... ;D That was fun even though it got kind of cramped--we were dancing outdoors and when those lines of people got about 16 long, we started feeling the squeeze of those trees...

I also danced the second dance (a Virginia Reel, I think) with Zach. Over the course of the evening, I would dance with another of the "Maine Boys", Brett (15) at least twice. He's just a tad shorter than me, but it's sure nice to dance with young men about the same size as yourself. :D I seemed to attract the 15-16 year olds...I wonder why... Amanda's brother Walter is the same age as I am and a pretty good waltz teacher. The first waltz I did with him. That came about in an...interesting fashion. He was taking Amanda's jacket to hang it on the bandstand, and as he walked by us (Savannah, Amanda, and I were standing together), he tossed something like this over his shoulder: "Which one of you ladies wants to dance with me?" I was surprised somewhat (afterall, this is the really 'authentic' fellow--I sat there that morning while he and Miss Dee [Mrs. W] had a discussion on "class" [i.e. social rank] over my head). But then again, I wasn't really surprised because that morning, while I was taking my first stab at poaching eggs in a skillet (an interesting procedure), the men (including Walter) were standing at the back of Mr. Joe's truck talking. Mr. Joe said something to me and I replied and then Walter said something (I can't remember for the life of me what this was all about) and then he winked at me!! I think I just grinned. I know once I turned back to my wet skillet (actually Mrs. K's skillet--we forgot ours and the butter--that's how come we were eating poached eggs...), I had myself a silent laugh. The whole thing reminded me of the scene in Anne of Green Gables when Anne sees Gilbert for the first time and he winks at her and then Anne turns and whispers to Diana, "I think your Gilbert is handsome, but he's also very bold! He winked at me!" All that to say that I wasn't really 100% surprised by Walter's round about way of asking to dance. I made some off the cuff remark to Amanda about him being rude (I was only half-joking) and then told her not to tell him I said that--so what does she do when he gets back? Tells him I called him rude! :D It didn't seem to phase him in the least...and I danced with him and even talked with him some. Like I said earlier, he's easy to waltz with because he leads. I'm not much of hand when it comes to waltzing (I could do the Virginia Reel in my sleep, but waltzing still takes concentration for me), so it's nice to waltz with someone who knows what he's doing. Last weekend I had that chance with Elden...this weekend with Walter. I waltzed later with a big ol' boy with legs twice as long as mine and feet to match who didn't really know what he was doing--but I still had fun. Timmy is another nice 15-year-old. He's in a Georgia unit (and LOOKS like he's from Georgia; though I don't think he's really from said state because he doesn't sound like a Georgian). I think I danced over half of the last half of the ball with him. I found out the next afternoon (in the sunlight) that he's also a red-head. :) Early on in the ball, we were doing the Virginia Reel and Capt. S (the "Yankee-in-the-plaid-pants" from last week :D), recognized me as Zack and I stripped the willow (or reeled the set, depending on whom you're talking to), and tossed out some comment about "I know this girl like to spin"--and then he proceeded to reel me around in a lively fashion. It was after this that I danced with Walter. As we finished the waltz, a lady came up  with her husband cheerily calling, "What about my dance, Walter?" I think it was a polka (neither Savannah or I danced that one because we weren't asked and we sneaked off to get ready to play Ash Grove). This lady's husband (I believe he is the same man who gave me the water on Sunday) told Walter, "You may dance with my wife on one condition...that you dance with this young lady [me] again." Anyway, part way through the polka, I heard said lady call: "DAVID!" Walter had polka'd her right out of her skirt! Her skirt had literally come unhooked in the back and she had to hang on to it to keep it up (I don't think it would have come all the way off due to her hoop, but anyway, I'm sure it was really embarrassing--she took it with such grace). Maybe it's good thing I didn't get that second dance after all (he left while we were playing Ash Grove--he had to go to work next morning)...Later she apologized that he didn't stay and dance with me again...she also told me that while Walter may seem kind of...stuffy isn't the word she used, but it'd work...he's really alright. I think I believe her. I imagine that the C family can be downright hilarious when they're all together.

For the first couple of dances, Savannah danced with a kid named Bailey. (I'm guessing he was at most 16). He asked her for her telephone number!!! (She got out of that...) I had a good laugh later...afterall, he's just a baby. I think if it had been me, I'd of howled with laughter and asked, "Sonny, do you know how old I am?" See, it's a good thing none of the nice boys I danced with asked me for my telephone number--I'd have crushed their poor teenage feelers...then felt like giving them a motherly hug. :D After Savannah didn't give Bailey her number--he didn't come back again. And then, I think for most of the rest of the dances Yousef danced with her. Like I said, he likes her.

We both had an absolute blast at the dance and closed the ball out...by the time we ended, it was Savannah and I, Yousef, Timmy (he'd gone, but came back: "everyone was asleep at camp and it was kind of boring..." [personally, I was glad he came back because I wasn't getting asked to dance anymore; the girls were out-numbering the guys]), Amanda, Mr. Doug and I think that the pretty lady he was dancing with might be his wife, and another couple of people. The last dance was a waltz to "Dixie"...they start it out slow then speed it up. The second time through I started to sing and most everyone else picked up. I have a bit of a sore leg from waltzing with Timmy. I had to stretch a little farther with my steps because his legs are so long! :D

Sunday morning we didn't really have church (even though the schedule says that there was supposed to be church, as far as I know, nobody did it); so the 7 lb.s of Bacon, accompanied by Savannah and I set up in the middle of the sutler area and played and sang gospel songs for a while. The only person who joined in and stayed the whole time was Yousef. I heard him ask Rev. D the night before if/where church was going to be; so that's how he knew when and where to show up. :) There was one Federal who was there for a while and I don't think he got the point that this was kind of like a worship service thing until after he said something Miss Dee gently pointed out to him that "we're trying to praise the Lord". Then he apologized profusely and after another song or two moved on.

Savannah and I are thinking that we are hook, line, sinker, and instruments into this reenacting stuff...now all we have to do is figure out our historical personas...and make a few more things. We're already planning party dresses...or at least Savannah is. I'll get to that once I'm done here :D (And I get the dishes washed!!) We are also seriously thinking about going to the Suwannee reenactment in two weeks.

BUT with all that said I have a list of things I MUST get done: 1) SCV video; 2) spray pasture weeds; 3) work cows; and 4) any other random thing that pops up. I will go put together my slideshow and then get to work on the dishes...and finishing the laundry.


This guy is one amazing cello player! I wonder how many cello's this guy has and how many bow's he goes through in a year....After watching him play, I pulled out my cello and played for an hour :)


Today was my second appointment at the chiropractor's...and the first time I got 'cracked'. I had a 10:30 appointment so we kind of had to run out the door, but we got there on time. Dr. K showed us my x-rays and now I know that half-a-dozen of my vertebrea are twisted to the left. (I just about said the 'west' for some reason.) Anyway, Dr. K gave me my first adjustment--complete with a neck-cracking. That felt kind of weird. Savannah said she couldn't hear it, but it sure sounded loud to me! :)

We were going to go to the Goodwill before lunch, but driving by they were closed--probably because of this storm that has been totally hyped for the last week. Instead, we just went to lunch at our usual place whenever we go to P.C. I had grouper, as usual, and ended up feeling kind of strange--the green beans had something on them, I'm positive. I hate eating out...even if I like the food I almost always come away with a strange feeling...

Then came the real adventure...the car wouldn't start. In other words the ignition switch was not responding. After several phone calls to different people, Savannah called a tow-truck and in the process found out that there is a Saturn place just around the corner and the owner could probably replace our ignition switch 'right now'. The tow-truck showed up and soon had our poor car up on the bed. Our driver was real friendly (I guess you have to be if you're a tow-truck driver and get strange people in your cab with you on a daily basis) and soon established that we were sisters...he found out that no, I'm not the older one :D It was hilarious really--he said that Savannah had a more 'secretrial' appearence (secretaries are 'more fun') and I had a 'teacherly' appearence (teachers are more welcoming). Then he added something like, "I'd better stop before I dig myself into a hole."

He deposited us at the Saturn place and then, of course, the car cranked up immediately--several times. Anyway, we went ahead and got the switch replaced and he even replaced our back-up light that was out. (I don't think he charged for that...)

From there we went to the health food store so Savannah could get some more suppliments. Then we came home. Then we played some music...I have no idea how many times we played 'The Girl I Left Behind Me' (one of my all-time favorites), but we were working on my main trouble spot. Now I have it figured out, I just need to spend some more time on the jump  half-way through. That is still clunky. We also sang a little and I sounded awful by the time we were done :) I won't tell you what we did next--or you really might think we are CRAZY. (Okay, okay! We took a 'boom-box' outside and danced around in the wet-grass! Exercise you know....)

Then dinner...then dishes...then "The Rifleman"...then blogging....and I can't go any further...I don't know what's next ;D


Yesterday, the 4th of July, was a great celebration. It started early for me. I woke up a bit earlier than usual and went ahead and got up. After reading my Bible I started cooking my breakfast. All of a sudden, I looked and saw cows headed toward an open gate. (I attempted to rotate cows Tuesday morning and when I couldn't get them moved--even with Savannah's help--I just opened the gates in hope that they would drift through themselves. They did late that day; but due to the hour and the fact that I had already bathed and didn't want to get all hot and sweaty again, I just decided I'd close the gates in the morning.) So, I dashed to the door of Savannah's room and asked her to keep an eye on my eggs and charged out to go shut that gate. When I got back I ate breakfast, then I fed Snip. As soon as he was finished I fought the bit into his mouth. I wasn't as patient as usual because by now I had cows drifting toward the other open gate! I literally shoved the bit between his teeth. I don't like doing it that way because it makes him even more spooky next time. (What is going on with him right now--at least the way I see it--is that he is testing me in this and several other areas. Once I finally win, he'll be fine--but until then I will have to keep fighting him. I do know I need to get his feet trimmed--he always acts up more when his feet need trimming.) I saddled him up and dashed off to shut the gate. In time :)

Next, Savannah sent me to town to grab a few last minute things--ice, water, bananas (Granddaddy was out again), and sparklers--for our treasure hunt prize. I also grabbed some red, white, and blue leis and some streamers to go on the tables. The streamers didn't get used...too much help probably :)

When I came home, I did something--ate lunch, that's what it was--and washed the dishes before taking a shower (I reeked of wet sweaty horse and was brown from him) and dressing up. Those vest tops require help to get in and out of if you don't completely remove the laces--which I do not like to do!

Savannah asked me to grill the chicken--I started it, but she finished it--I was too busy doing other things--like running my mouth and showing my horse off. Just as I turned the chicken the first time, Matt and Andre arrived. Very soon after them, the G.'s. Snip gave Mrs. G. a ride and decided she was his friend after she gave him a handful of sweet feed :) The boys went off to get lunch...then Mr. G. went to go get their chairs and lunch for them. While he was gone, the boys got back and Bev showed up with Aunt C. who sat in the house and talked to Granddaddy for a while before Bev took her home (Aunt C. had other plans.) Bev never returned because she had surprise visitors at her place. Some point in here the E.'s arrived...they too went and got themselves lunch. Then the T.'s got there. The J.'s were late, but that was fine.

We started the activities off with the Treasure hunt. Andre is good at that...and HILARIOUS (he would also tell you that he is delicious--he was getting skeeter bit when no one else was!) It didn't take very long to figure out the clues. The 'treasure' was the sparklers--JP seemed pretty excited about that. But, since everyone left before it got dark...and it was threatening rain--they didn't get used and what's more, we forgot to send them home with people!

Next we danced. We started with the Fairy Reel an extremely easy little dance. (16 to the left, 16 to the right, reel your partner right, then left; in-2-3-4, out-2-3-4, in-2-3-4, out-2-3-4; repeat from the top.) At the Scottish Ball, the kids always yell when they go into the center--I don't like that--it's too noisy. Then we did the Virginia Reel, probably my favorite. I grabbed Matt as my partner. I think he was having a lot of fun. Then we did the Gay Gordon, my second favorite. It's a mixer so you dance with everyone :) We had basically four couples most of the time. After that they were all ready to quit--they were worn out! I was thristy (after all we were dancing in the heat of the day--outside), but I could have kept right on going.

Anyway, we did our 'program' next. Savannah opened by playing Londonderry Air (aka Danny Boy) while I wrastled Snip and the lav mic over in another corner. Once I got the mic situated, I galloped (or rather loped) in, yelling "Gather round! Gather round! Our delagates in Philidelphia just signed this!" (or something akin to that). I leaped off Snip and handed him to Savannah and then shortly launched into reading the Declaration of Independence. I was out of breath when I started, but I couldn't take the time to get my breath, so I sounded rather breathless (wonder why?). I also stumbled several times. I switched up words--but I hope that wasn't noticable. I kept accidently rephraseing things. Anyway, unless you have it memorized, you probably wouldn't have noticed it. Hopefully I did a good impersonation of a post rider...(with the exception that I'm female ;} )

After that Savannah recited "Paul Revere's Ride" by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (my favorite poem). I think she did great; I don't know if I can say the same for the camera woman...

Then the music! We started by doing a handful of instrumental pieces then we had people pitch in and sing along. As far as I could tell everyone sang. I only sang the stuff I knew the words to :) We closed with the 'Star-Spangled Banner'. I only know the first verse, but I hummed through part of the remaining 4 or 5.

Post music, we danced the Broom Dance. It is SUPER easy and really fun (particularly with more people than we had). All the gents line up on one side; and all the ladies line up on the other. One gent stands in the middle at the head of the lines with the broom. Two ladies stand on either side of him. The gent passes the broom to the lady that he doesn't wish to sashay down the line (or, if he wishes to take both ladies--as Andre thought was pretty awesome--he passes the broom to the next gent in line). The lady left with the broom gets surrounded by a gent on either side and the proceedure repeats. It is totally fun :)

Dinner was next. To be honest, I don't know what all was on the table. I know that 'we' provided the meat--oven BBQ pork ribs and grilled chicken (remember, I was supposed to have taken care of that!) I ate too much and was sick to my stomach at midnight in consequence--I think part of that miserable feeling was lack of fluid too. For some reason the ribs didn't taste as good as they do when Mom makes them. They were still good, Savannah!! (Obviously, I had seconds!)

Everyone left very shortly after supper...it rather looked like rain (it did rain later), the lightening was getting closer, and the wind was picking up and we had just discovered that that huge, beautiful old antique oak (it has to be over 100 years old) is cracked right down the middle. I'm afraid I will cry when that tree blows apart. It is so beautiful. (No; I'm not a 'tree-hugger' in that sense of the word, but I do like trees and I think it's a sad when ancient trees go.)


I might as well add today. It was one of those abnormal days that make up normal life.

I mowed the grass over at our place today--nothing weird in that, right? No...but maybe everything else :) I went over this morning to put the Kubota on the charger...I came home and was working on this blog post when Butch called. Minutes later he arrived. We ended up going out to lunch...it was really funny because we ended up at the same place where his wife, Betty, and her sister were lunching! So, I got to meet more extended family :) She is very nice--just like he is.

We came home from lunch and after Butch left I headed back off to our place. The mower started...good. I drove it to the front of the barn and turned it off while I aired up the tires and greased it. I went to go wash my hands at 'squeally' (the pump in the back yard) and there was no water! I checked the cattles water troughs--empty and bone-dry. Uh-oh. At least they have the water in the pond on Uncle L.'s part of the land. So I unlocked the house and grabbed the tools I needed. Then I turned the power off the pump and went out into the pasture to clean the points. Jam-packed with dead ants, it was. Once I got it cleaned out I turned the power back on and tried squeally again. Nothing. Hmm...I remembered someone using a screw-driver on theirs with the power on...so I bounced back out there and pushed the points apart with my flat tip. Yippee! It started...and was still working when I left. (I wonder, how does one keep ants out of the points?)
Well, now I was ready to mow...or so I thought. I went to start the mower again and it wouldn't start! Humph. I put it back on the charger. Then I picked up a few sticks. I don't know how many times I attempted to start it all told...but anyway, I ended up jumping it with the car. Before I did that though, I figured I would try to start the Jimmy and use that--after all, it was right there! So I hopped in and turned the key. Uh, nothing. I crawled up and noticed that the battery wasn't hooked up. So I hooked it up. Long story short, the Jimmy wouldn't start. (And yes, Daddy, I did unhook the battery again!)

I mowed. I was about half done with the front yard (which I did last) when all of a sudden the mower quit--just like that. I probably bogged it down in that high grass. Anyway, what was really weird was that the ignition didn't even click like normal. I called Daddy. He told me to jump it. I did; it started. I finished mowing.

I raked up the grass and threw it to the cows. They were glad to get it; like usual :) Anyhow, there are a few other boring details, but I don't feel like relating them all in minute, so I won't.

Dinner was good ;)


During our town trip this afternoon, Savannah and I stopped at the local music store. I wanted to see about those strings I 'ordered' a couple months ago. The owner recognized me, "Haven't you been here before?" I laughed, "A couple months ago!" I took a pretty brown guitar off the wall and and played 'Greensleeves' jig-style. I find it interesting that "Greensleeves' is universally known by people of all music walks. This young man has a fairly clean-rock look. (If that makes sense.)

When I mentioned the stings he said he sold them all--the mirachi players buy 2-3 packs at a time. He said he'd have more in next week. SO I may poke back in there soon. He gave us his phone number if I wanted to call and make sure the strings were in...I think I'd rather just walk in. I hate using the telephone.

He mentioned that they have a studio in the back and Savannah asked if we could take a look. He said sure! Once standing in the studio, Savannah mentioned that I'm a aspiring filmmaker and from there we got a business pitch. A good business man pitches his talents with confidence and yet not in a pushy fashion. He just 'dropped' the fact that he does sound mastering for $40 an hour. Other than that, he gave a short explaination of why mastering needs to be done, that he's worked on movies, he's done commercials, and of course, recording. Overall, it was a pretty pleasant conversation...I was feeling slightly awkward standing in the doorway with my spurs bumping whatever that contraption was behind me. Savannah said I sound like I need to go to the chiropractor the way I walk. My right spur clangs lounder than my left. I have a funny gait--that's for sure.

The reason I was booted and spurred was simply because we went to the feed store first (Yay! they StockandStable12 today *laughs*). Once we got home, I grabbed a snack and jumped back in the truck. It didn't take thirty minutes to get the bit in Snips mouth today...I'm glad. I got overheated--it's funny how quickly one can get overheated bouncing around on the back of a horse.


Last night we went to a free concert. The group performing was "Caribbean Sound", a five man group. Three of the members play the steel drums, or 'pans'. One man plays the lead pan and double seconds (a two pan set played at once). His son also plays the double seconds (which have a slightly deeper pitch). The other pan player plays a three drum set called 'triple guitar'. They explained the names of them all (including the number of notes they have) and gave a short  history of the development of the steel drum (in a very humorous, visual, and audial manner). Then there was the lead vocalist who also plays bass guitar (or maybe that should be, the bass guitar player who is also the main vocalist). And last, but not least, there was the "engine room"--the man who plays the drum set. They explained why he's the engine room--some of these steel drum bands are so large that it gets very, very loud and everybody is playing different--rhythms, I guess--so they put the drummer (or precussionists) in the middle and they make a circle about him. Thus, the term "engine room" because he's the guy who keeps the beat and every body follows him--he drives them so to speak and keeps them together. All the members played precussion instruments of some sort other than their 'pans' and drum set. They were really good and highly entertaining. I love the steel drums...the sound so awesome! (Mom remarked as we were leaving, "Wouldn't hymns sound wonderful on the steel drum?" We all had to agree.)

Therapy hurt today (as did yesterdays) but I got through it :) I have a lovely stack of paper with exercise instructions written on it. I also got my own jar of 'theraputty' for hand-strengthening. It is kind of like silly-putty, if you're familiar with that, only thinner somehow. Yee-haw! I'm all set for self-inflicted pain! Go me! (That sounds so stupid!!)
I think I'm feeling punchy, so I'd better get off of here...