...you hadn't noticed; I did some rearranging here the other day. As I had finished  A Gray Kepi a while back, I created a 'Stories' page in the 'Link' section. It's there. Just in case you wondered what had happened to it. :)

I'm just wasting a little time right now because my stomach is upset from that doggone turkey broth this morning. Too much grease I suppose. Anyway, once my tummy quits bothering me, I'm going to go attempt (and hopefully prevail) to remove the flat tire on the truck. I'm sure hoping I can break that torque....

Going to get my ginger tea....


Day 2



Of what?

The return to working Snip! Yesterday and today I took about 30-40 minutes with the rascal. Since it was closing in on 5 o'clock the stinker was of course almost pouty--if a horse can pout. Anyway, I haven't done anything serious (or stupid), but have just walked with him, talked to him, petted him, scolded him, praised him, and did some very rudimentary training things. Recap of the first few months if you will. He remembers stuff pretty well. I need to get my 'buggy whip' and pull the long rope out of the garage and get back into lounging him. I have tried to sort of get him going on the lead rope, but it's too close. He kicked slightly a couple of times today (last time I really lounged him I came really close to getting my head kicked in) and he reared up a bit too. When he does that I give him a good solid jerk on the rope and sternly get onto him. Once he relaxes I pet him and tell him he's a good boy. :)

I plan on lounging him for a day or two before I get back on him. I think I'll attempt to get our place mowed tomorrow (since it needs it much worse than here...and I may have to wait to get a belt for the mower).

Snip has gotten stronger and I've lost some of my confidence so I plan on being VERY, VERY careful. I don't want any more broken bones. Pretty soon I'm going have to get a bucket to stand on to even get my foot in the stirrup because he's grown so much. In other words, while I look forward to getting back on my horse and riding, I'm also a little leery...I've lost some of the muscle strength in my legs (probably), so I think I will just mostly walk for the first couple days, then work up speed. I don't need to be bucked first day back on. :)

On a related note, I got a new (leather) headstall for Snip today as well as a nice set of long leather reins. They'll make a nice quirt. :D Anyway, now my tack is all leather...something I prefer the look of.

But enough ramblings about horses...


I got to play lawn mower mechanic again this afternoon. The deck belt came off when I was about half way done with the yard. So I stopped, turned the engine off and put the belt back on (which is very stretched out.) After that the mower wouldn't crank. (I mean, it spun like crazy, but didn't actually take.) So, I took the thing down--all the way down to removing the starter. Then I put it back together. (You do know I like to disassemble and reassemble things by now, don't you?)

At one point I rolled the thing up the ramps so I could check the drive belt--which was nice and tight. I wasn't sure I was going to get the thing up there, but subbornness overcame gravity.

I got on the mower again and it started. All of sudden it puttered out on me again. I realized after a moment of frenzied 'trying-to-keep-this-thing-running' activity, that I had forgotten to turn that little knob on the fuel line back on!! I felt kind of stupid, but afterall, I've never used a mower that has a fuel line cut off like this before.
I finished the yard and started on the driveway. The belt came off again...so I put it back on. This time I got the engine cranked without taking it down :D Minutes later, the belt came off again. WAH! My "brand new" old mower needs a belt!! 
Oh well, at least  I did get the yard itself mowed; although I didn't get the driveway done. I certainly had fun getting nasty with mower grease. You should have seen my face when I came in! I have no idea how I got that much smut on it! (Actually I do...it probably came off my gloves--which were on and off ((because the engine was hot))--and my hair kept getting in my eyes; which of course means I kept shoving it out of my face. I assure you, I removed my hat early on--no use getting it any dirtier than it is. It's already beat up and bent up and gray-ish from dirt, but I still try to keep it looking half-way decent!)

Ah! The joys of life! ; D


This thought has been wandering through my mind for several days now....but it is rather interesting how, at least in these United States, that there seems to be two levels of coming to adulthood.

At 18, one is old enough to join the military and die for their country. At 18, one is old enough to get their unrestricted drivers licence. At 18, one is old enough to vote. However, they have to wait until they are 21 before they can legally own a weapon, concel carry, and drink hard licquor.

If one is old enough to carry a weapon on the battlefield, why should he be restricted from conceal carry in a public place? If you're going to put an 18 year old in the driver seat and tell them to go do whatever, shouldn't they be responsible enough to drink licquor? Obviously not, because when they turn 21, what do they do? Kill themselves by doing 21 shots. Never fear, I won't be indugling in that foolishnes.

It all comes down to a mentality that has been propogated in our culture. During our "teenage" years, we young folks are supposed to sow our wild oats, be irresponsible, sleep all the time, be lazy, and get by with some serious lapses in good judgement--simply because we are "teenagers". I always hated the word.

Then, BAM! We turn 21 and are suddenly supposed to be respectible, responsible adults. OH, REALLY?? Someone please explain to me why--if up to this point--we have been allowed to be selfish, irresponsible goldbricks--why anyone should expect us suddenly be smart, hard working, self-motivated, usefull members of society?

I'm very thankful that my parents disavowed "adolecence" and "teenager" excuses and pointed me toward the Word. That they taught me to think and to act in a responsible fashion, in order to prepare me to be a responsible young woman. More than anything, I am grateful for their dedication in teaching me the truths of Scripture, for disciplining me when I needed it, and doing their part to mold me into a Christian woman. I still have a lot to learn, I still need to listen to my parents, but I feel that they have, by God's grace, got me pointed in the right direction.

So, here, on my birthday--on which I reach that second 'coming of age' milestone--I want to thank God and my parents for the life I have and the blessing I have been showered with. I look forward to future years--work, play, music, laughter, love--with the same joys and fears as I had yesterday.

Thank-you that I even have a birthday...


This is the first time I've attempted to join in on anything like this...but I think it's fun!
1. What word are you totally loving at the moment? Chocolate...

2. Any tv shows/movies you are excited for this fall? The next seasons of NCIS and NCIS:LA.

3. Anything that symbolizes something to you? The Confederate Flag symbolizes my heritage and freedom.

4. Two favorite songs at the moment? The usuals--A Mighty Fortress and Dixie :)

5. If there was suddenly a world taker over by an evil dictator what would you do? God willing I would fight.

6. What is your favorite summer activity? I have no idea. Living, I guess.

7. What has been your favorite summer vacation? It's been so long, I can't remember.

8. If you received an unlimited shopping spree to any store, what store would it be for? Goodwill?

9. What is your favorite summertime food? What makes it summertime food? I just like food :)

10. What is your favorite summertime movie? Likewise, what makes it just a summertime movie? I don't have a favorite film anyway...

Hope that gives some amusement :) Now I have to take care of my morning duties--the animals are probably waiting on me...


Ah yes...I know I haven't blogged in days...it's been rather crazy (fun)...

Let me see...the Tale of Two Gates must have taken place on Monday...no, it must have been Saturday because Junior was here Monday.

Anyway, we (Aunt T, Philip, Joel, and I) were going to plink. I had tied Snip to the gate at the head of the driveway because I didn't want him down range. I fired one shot from my .22 rifle and ol' Snip backed up in fear. Guess what? He pulled that gate and it's post right out of the ground! Of course, the post, while practically a foot in diameter, was rotten off at the bottom...
That was the end of the shooting. Instead we built a gap gate. Then, after Aunt T went in, the boys and I built the gap gate I was intending on building when I first constructed the horse lot. Well, it was mostly Philip that helped...Joel was busy holding Snip off. It was the horse's suppertime and he was quite insistant that his feed ought to show up sooner than later. He even got so close that he nipped my backside. Stinker!

Now, that would have been more exciting if I had written it right after it happened...but I didn't. Sorry.

Then next adventure...Monday. Uncle Rod brought Rod Jr. over for the day. Rod was supposed to mow...it never did happen what with the battery being dead...the belt shredding...and then the engine quit...Anyway, Jr. drove Joel nuts. I was grieved to hear some of the language my young cousin was using. I scared him at one point and he swore...while laughing. It is sad. He's still a 'nice kid' but with his ADHD and the life he has had, you don't want to let him out of your sight.

That day we fixed the fence where the old tree--that ancient oak, had fallen. I also shot an armadillo. I think I went to town at least twice. Both times I had all three boys...at one point, Jr. had his toes jammed against my heel making driving difficult--he obligingly moved them once I mentioned it.

Tuesday morning we got a surprise. Uncle Rod dropped Cassandra off early. I wasn't dressed yet (I usually drink my coffee and read my Bible before getting dressed.) After I let her in, I explained that the boys were still asleep in 'my' room and that I would wake them when I went in to get my clothes. Well, she started to go in anyway. I have difficulty explaining exactly what I felt--somehow it wasn't modest. (You're thinking--what's the difference between me and her? I'm older...they are used to me popping in in the mornings...they probably know me better...and anyway, it just down-right irritated me that she was going to preempt me.)

Let's see...I saddled Snip up early (the bit went in really fast) and rode off to open the gates. The cows didn't rotate til later and I hear the boys went out and closed the gates. I let Aunt T ride Snip and then I gave rides :) 
Later, after lunch, Savannah and I loaded up and headed off. We were going to V.B. for a SCV meeting. (Why were girls going to a Sons of Confederate Veterans meeting? Why, we were invited, of course!) We left a little early because we were going to go to some pirate musuem and walk on the beach. Well, we got to the museum five minutes before it closed...then it started to pour down rain and flash lighting...so no beach walk either. We drove around for a while to kill time :) Fortunately, Mr. F. showed up at the resturant 30 minutes early. He is all fired up over my Cow Cavalry documentary and I am thrilled. I fully intended to write stuff down yesterday, but didn't...the explaination will follow. Anyway, Mr. F. is basically offered to get me into contact with whomever I would like and he has some suggestions on who to contact, etc. I will certainly get around to squaring my head up with the stuff...but I think I will wait till next week. Why? Well...other stuff is going on around and around here :) I'm going to be totally wiped out on Monday.

Okay...Wednesday. I started the day out in a skirt. I ended it in jeans, dirt, and grease.

Episode one: Shortly after breakfast, Aunt T and I went out to take a look at the mower. I tucked my skirt up the way I do and went to taking the cover off the mower engine. In just a short time I discovered the problem. The gear on top of the starter was broken! I went in and changed...after I washed off the grease that encased my arms from the elbows down. Savannah told the boys to get up if they wanted to go to the feed store with me...I was going there as well as the mower place. We hopped in the truck and it didn't start. We jumped it. (The boys had driven it the night before and I guess it quit on them at some point.)

Episode two: The first trip to town. As we left, I had Joel call Daddy and talk to him about the truck. He told us to take it in to Tex and have him check and see if it was the battery or the alternator. Well, I decided to just swing by there last, since it would be on the way home, and just not turn the engine off at any of my stops. First stop: lawn mower place. All three of us piled out of the truck, leaving the engine running and walked towards the bays. The owner walks out and says something like, "What you got?" (We had the starter and the whirly-gig in hand). I said, "A starter and this piece is broken." I'm not even sure he looked at it, but he went straight to the shelf and got the right part. I had mentioned it was a Murry mower...but still it was amazing. I paid him and then we hopped back in the truck and went to Bryan's. Philip stayed in the truck, but Joel got out and came with me. I ordered my two bags of 'Stock and Stable 12', paid and left. Next stop--Smith's. Philip again remained in the truck...at Smith's it was a good idea since I could not see the truck from inside. I got some dewormer for Snip and 4 bags of mineral. Then we roared off to Tex's. I walked in, tailed by my cousins, explained who I was, and what Daddy had said. So, Tex gets his alternator tester, checks it and says, "It's the alternator." We took our mower part and horse medicine out of the truck and I called Savannah, "Come get us!" While waiting for her so show up, I called Daddy to let him know what was up.

Episode three: Post-lunch...we went back to get the truck. When we got home we started to put the part on the mower...we just couldn't get that little clip thingy (I can't recall the exact name) on so Aunt T said, "Let's take it back to the shop..." We did and he put it on in no time and didn't charge us a cent :) (That's good buisness sense.)

Episode four: It was time to put out the mineral. The truck wouldn't start. So we hauled the mineral out on foot. Joel and I took a sack to the closest mineral tub while Philip headed for the one on the north side of the pasture. After dumping my sack I got the fourth sack and followed him. Joel jumped in the golf cart and caught up to me, so I climbed in with that 50-lb sack in my lap. We did carry it the last 100 yards or so--that way we didn't have to open the gate. Joel got on the runway and I handed the bag to him, then I dashed to the other side and he handed the bag to me (there is electric wire surrounding the runway). I took the bag the rest of the way. Poor Philip, having walked the whole way, was out of breath--as he said later, "It had run on ahead of me so I was just catching up to it." (Philip is funny in a slightly different fashion than Joel ;) ) Anyway...that was the mineral adventure.

Episode five: The fourth trip to town. Philip and I took the truck battery in to Wal-Mart. Philip carried the old one in and I carried the new one out. I felt sorry for the scrawy fella :) That and he stayed to aske the cashier a question. When we got back we installed the new battery and the truck roared to life!
As a side note...the boys mowed the yard to that day.

Thursday...I was really tired yesterday, but I still ended up doing stuff. The other half of the oak came down yesterday morning. I am really glad no one was out there...

The pump was leaking some and later in the day we tried a fix with glue on the outside...it helped some although there was still a slight leak. Granddaddy told us it was fine and to leave it be. He was in a mood yesterday where you don't cross him.

Joel and I went in and picked up my post hole digger handle while Philip finished mowing. Aunt T came in this morning and said it doesn't fit. Before I take it back I'm going to do some looking at it myself. 

Joel lost his hat yesterday somehow and somewhere...so, if you happen to find a camo Florida Gators hat with a blue back let me know ;) *grin*

After dinner, the boys and I went mudding in the golf cart. It was really messy but lots of fun! I certainly wouldn't want to do it very often, but I did have fun--I even hollered as we barrelled down the 'hill' to the mud-pit (about 6'x6' area down by the creek). We kept getting stuck and having to push the golf cart out. I don't suppose it really is the healthest activity for the cart to be engaged in, but it's kind of too late now. After the last time we got stuck--we only got out because I found some sticks to put under the wheels--we went back to the house. We knocked on Savannah's window and told her to get the camera. The result was hiliarious!
Now, as to what adventures today holds...other than K. and M. second wedding ceremony (so everyone can be there)...I have NO IDEA. I imagine I'll get into some kind of scrape before then...

See you! (And check out the Photos page...I'll be putting pictures up. And yes, I know I still haven't gotten July 4 up yet...I will sometime.)


As you all know (I think), I do not normally enjoy shopping...so when I tell you I had fun going on a shopping spree yesterday, I hope you believe me ;)

Savannah and I took off for a 'girls day' yesterday morning. We went to P.C. and started our shopping spree at Goodwill. We got a stack of books: another complete set of the Lord of the Ring Trilogy (no Hobbit *shrugs*); another complete set of 'My Book House' books (children's books with lots of great stories); a Civil War reenactor's encyclopedia (that's pretty cool!); New England and the Sea (three authors); Last Flag Down (about a Confederate ship); After D-Day (self-explanatory title); John Adams by David McCullough; a kid biography on Charles Spurgeon; The Pirates Laffite by William C. Davis (who wrote the book about Jefferson Davis I read last year); and an encyclopedia of Film Directors. I thought that might be interesting for me as a new director.

We ate lunch at the Greek Resturant we like there (the Garmin dude said 'resturant' really weird). Like usual I had grouper. I know there had to be sugar in the cole slaw, but I ate it anyway!

The health food store was next. I got some dates :) Mmmm...Savannah got figs and apricots, along with supliments. Also a Kumbotcha (did I spell that right?) gingerade. I like the gauva better...

Then we bounced over to Target...Aunt Laurie had sent us a gift card. I think we used it all up--minus 4 buck or so. I got a shirt (my shade of pink) and Savannah got a dress and some pads for her shoes. Plus I got another SD card for my camera and we bought a pack of pens (I love Uni-balls and haven't had any for quite a while). Last, but not least, I grabbed a copy of Courageous. There were only two copies left... I look forward to watching it.

One more stop--Books A Million. We got three books there. Two of them War Between the States history (original documents reprinted!) and the other about a particular Army unit during WWI.

Then we came home and joined everyone at the table for Joel's birthday dinner. He ate quite a pile of mac and cheese :)

So, yes. I had fun. However, even then, I don't think I really want a repeat performance anytime too soon. Thankfully, I didn't get starved :)


Just a quickie here..."Bremmer" has a better name now. Daddy decided to call her "Prancy" last night. It suits her.

I also made a slight change to the Sparks of Reformation Productions, Director Blog. I added a picture of the Director (you know who she is *grin*) and a short "Hi! Welcome to the blog" thing-a-ma-jig. (Which by the way would make an interesting name for a dance--"thing-a-ma-jig"--of the jig sort, of course.)

Just to let you know, I sound more professional, and less goofy over on the "Director's Blog". I do know how to behave--honest. Now I am going to go do some double checking of certain facts contained within the Narration...


I'm a hopeless romantic...or so I've been told. Anyway, be that as I may, you would probably expect that I like romances. Not really. (Okay, I'm pretty fond of Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty.) But when it comes to the majority of 'romances'...nah.

I much prefer action, adventure, and hair-breath escapes! I don't mind a side-line romance. Actually, I like that. But I do not like stories where the point is nothing but the romance. A good deal of 'young adult' fiction (at least the kind for girls) is sappy romances. (And that comment comes pretty much from just looking at the covers and reading the back of the books.)

This comes to mind because I started to read the first book out of the "Annual's of Lystra" series by Robin Hardy this morning. Maybe it gets better, but where I quit (I think it was chapter 3 or 4), I already knew that the main character Nicole, was going to end up married to Commander Ares. It was way too sappy and non-realistic and I really don't think it was worth the time.

Also, another thing about romances. It can't be healthy for young girls to be reading stuff that has sexual tension/innuendo's in it. Okay, so that really exists in the real world, but how is it edifing? (I am glad my sister pounds that word at times.) While this particular book could have been worse, some of it could have not been in there in the first place and it would have: 1) been more edifing, and 2) not been missed--it was unnecessary. Remember, I was only four chapters (at most) into the book...

I think that my 'hopelessly romantic' nature displays itself in the fact that I do like 'happily ever after' stories. I like stories that have happy ending (I hate depressing stories), and of course, I do like it when the fella gets the girl. But I just don't like that to be the point of the story and the only source of tension.

This reminds me of a romance that I do like. It's a movie called, of all things, "Love Affair". I have actually seen two versions of this, a Black and White (30's vintage, I believe) and a color version (50's) with Deborah Kerr and Cary Grant (I love Cary Grant!) Depending on which version you watch, both characters are involved with someone else to one extent or another and they meet on shipboard. They fall in love (alright, so that was an unnecessary statement). They decide to ditch the other people and meet at the Empire State Building to get married at a set date. On the way, the girl gets hit by a car and is crippled. Well, dude up in the tower has no idea what has happened and feels betrayed (naturally). Anyway, the story follows both of them as they make major changes in their lives (still in love, though he doesn't know it--of course, I always thought it stupid of her not to tell him--after all if he really loved her it wouldn't matter whether she was cripple or not.) I like this movie because even though it is a romance, both of them have some serious character growth. Particularly him...he starts out as a playboy and ends up an honorable man.

Romance...there are so many different aspects. Suffice to say, I don't like romance with sexual tension. I do like solid romance were it is real love--and love is an action, not just a 'feeling'.

Now that I have probably confused you sufficently, I'll say adieu for this evening...


Ooo...a mystery! I love a good mystery, so when Grandma informed us that she had seen a red pick up truck pull into the neighbor's driveway--and then pull out and back in--our suspicions were aroused. Afterall, most of the houses on this streach of road have been burgularized over  the last few years and we had suspicions of a red pick-up after Grandma's antiques were stolen several years ago. (No need to go into that.) So Mom, who had come out with me for the morning therapy, ran into the house and grabbed her phone and wallet and hopped into the car. She told me to come to, so I jumped in and we zipped out of the driveway and down to Uncle L.'s (a couple hundred feet). We were staked out ready to grab the license plate number if that truck pulled out. Mom called Daddy to call the Uncle to see if they could get ahold of the homeowners. Of course, Uncle L said he had no contact info. So Daddy called the Livestock sherriff  (they kind of know each other). He then told Daddy to have Mom call him, so that happened. He said he'd be there shortly and he was. Once he arrived we went home. I hung around outside till he left. As he was leaving he called Mom--it was just the cleaning lady. I sure hope she wasn't too terrified. (Or miffed...we were just being safe.)
Anyhow, it was kind of fun to sit there and wait and see. After all, if it had been a bad guy, we would have helped catch him!

The rest of the day has been rather normal. In a few minutes I am going to go out and see if I can get Grandpa to come outside and walk some. He's getting weak becuase he isn't doing anything. We have to get him stronger before he goes on this chemo pill...if that makes him feel bad, it will be even harder to get his strength up. (And like Mom says, I'm the only one he will really listen too...that's a great responsiblity sometimes.)