I am typing on Katherine's laptop...I asked her if I could use it for a little bit since it was on and my computer is not. And like the sweetie she is she said, "Of course!" So, thank-you Katie...otherwise there would have been no post today.

So, I did it. I actually did it! I dusted my room today. Big deal, right? Well actually yes. I don't like dusting or re-arranging stuff and I often end up dusting only once or twice a season. So the fact that I have dusted twice in two months is a step up! (Now, let's see if I do it again in the next two months.) I really don't like living in a dirty, dusty room, but I often end up that way because of my aversion to dusting. I think some of the baulking I do when I think about dusting/arranging my bedroom comes from the days when it took me all day long to clean my room. That would be several years back before I learned to put stuff away when I was done with it--I'd have piles of junk, like clothes and baby dolls, all over the place. Those were the days when Savannah and I shared a bedroom and a bunk bed--me on the bottom--and she'd get so fed up with my mess everywhere that she would put it all on the foot of my bed--including my nasty shoes. That really used to bug me, but it did make me put my stuff away.

I practiced my guitar again today. I'm sounding alright. I trimmed my nails this morning and got them a bit too short so I had to work over that problem :) Then I also practiced the cello (the second day in a row.) I tried it yesterday and was pleased to find that I could hold the bow. I am denfinitely not going to brag about how good I sounded because it was pretty awful. Correct bowing is harder than it looks and sounds and it is particularly hard when attempted with a brace on.

Mama laid out a couple of old news papers for me too look at; mainly they had to do with the local rodeo which got started using my great-granddaddy's stock. An uncle of mine supplied the animals for several years too and then announced for several more. He was always watching the bull riding on TV and I think that he had a VHS recording of every televised pro-Rodeo compition for at least a decade. I learned this evening that he was actually a roper, rather than a bull or bronc rider. He loved to watch the bull riders though...I prefer the bronc riders. I can't remember if I ever told him that though...

Sometime I think about this uncle when riding Snip and wonder if he'd be as proud of me as his wife is. Those two will always have a special place in my heart. I always loved to visit them when we were 'home'; the hospitality was beautiful (it still is), the TV was too loud, this uncle called us girls "Sister" (something I miss), and we usually had music. I learned how to 'buck dance' from their daughter while he looked on and cheered us on. He was a man's man and even though I never remember seeing him on his feet (he sat down and didn't get back up someplace along the way--he regretted it later and told us, "Never sit down and give up") he was one to be respected. At his funeral, his son-in-law told a funny story (funny in retrospect) about after he got engaged to his wife, my uncle made him some kind of partner in his rodeo stock company. My uncle told him to do something, and he came back with a retort that went something like this (I paraphrase), "I don't have to do that no more...I'm one of the guys in charge." The jist of the response was, "Oh yeah, well I'm the boss. Do it." And his son-in-law did it. You just didn't cross this uncle. I never saw him angry, but he was one of those jovial characters that you don't want to anger.

I'd better quit rambling...Katherine might want her computer back :)


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