Well, my friends, yesterday was a big, unusual day. A fun one for sure.

First off, before lunch, Savannah and I went over to our place and opened up the honey house to let it air out/dry up some after Fridays rain. Savannah had tried calling our cousin Ashley before we left Granddaddy's. Straight to voicemail. Anyway, we just zipped on over to their place (right next door). Aunt C. was home by herself, packing things for a move. Ashley was at school doing exams (she graduates high school on Friday) and Uncle L. was going to pick her up on the way to a doctors appointment. We told Aunt C. that we wanted to take Ashley out to lunch. It was fine with her, so she called Ashley and had no more success than Savannah did. So she called Uncle L. Anyway, we ended up going to the doctor's office to pick Ashley up and headed out for lunch. We went to a 'tea room' called Mary Margeret's. Savannah and I had salad with some very nice baked salmon (at least I think it was) on top. Mmm. We had a ball. After lunch we took Ashley home and must have sat around talking for at least an hour, an hour and a half. It is really kind of funny. I didn't use to like Ashley...she was rather a mean little girl...but she has really developed into a sweet and funny person. (I have actually told her this to her face, by the way.) Anyway, I always love 'hanging out' with her. She's just a hoot!

Once that adventure was over, we went back to our place, closed up the honey house, grabbed some books, and popped back over here to Granddadddy's.

Adventure Two: The Interview (of Myself)

First, I changed my shirt and did my make up. Well, most of it. Savannah told me I hadn't done my eyeshadow right (that always seems to happen anytime someone actually looks at my eye jobs) so she fixed me up. Those make up brushes tickle a little.

Then I compiled my gear: one camera, one battery, one tripod, one stinger (didn't get used), one lavalier mic, an xlr cable  and one umbrella (just in case it rained). Also, a resin chair for me to sit in :) We headed off to the creek. Once down there, I put the camera on the tripod. We had forgotten something (I forget what--but it was something we needed) so Savannah went back to the house and got whatever it was. Well, we got everything hooked up and realized we had a problem--a big one. Let me explain--Daddy has an electical outlet rigged on the truck battery to run the sprayer motor. Well--it's a 12 volt. The mic has to run off 120 volt. So, we packed things back up and roared up to the barn were there is a plug. While the background isn't what we were planning on (*shrug*)  it worked fine. It was kind of funny because the water pump kept running...I glared at it a time or two. There is plenty of goofs, but overall, I think I did alright. Just about the time we were half done, I got comfortable. We decided to attempt a take two--shouldn't have tried...it was terrible :) I probably was getting hungry even though my stomach wasn't talking yet--my brain was though. You know, one of those "uh duh" moments.

I had to go feed Snip. He was happy to see me (of course--it was really the feed he was happiest to see).


6/6/2012 09:50:21 am

It was batteries for the lav mic that you forgot! :-)

6/6/2012 10:51:27 am

Ah-ha!! I KNEW it was something very important! Thank-you for supplying what was lacking in my brain :)

6/6/2012 12:47:24 pm

Sounds like ya'll had lots of fun! I wish I had been there!!



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