Yesterday was something of an adventure. First the Cadillac had to be taken to Tex's autoshop. So, Savannah drove that and I followed in the Saturn. Since I had no idea where I was going, I stuck close behind her. (Unfortunately, I also ran a red-light. By the time I would have gotten stopped I would have been mid-intersection, so I just blew through it.)

We came home (detouring by Wal-Mart [Granddad needed more 'nanners]), ate lunch and headed for P.C. to go to Jo-Ann's. The GPS didn't have enough battery so we had to pretend like we knew how to get there (I mean to say, we both can get to P.C., but not to Jo-Ann's). It was raining almost the entire time. Right as we got into P.C. the rain quit--but the windshield wipers didn't. Eventually they did, but it was rather funny sitting in traffic with the wipers go 'swish-swish' for no apparent reason!

After poking around down one street after another we FINALLY got to the road we were looking for and from there Jo-Ann's. I came home with a dress pattern (Vogue, no less!) and the material to make it with (a red floral of sorts). We also got a pattern and fabric for a wedding gift Savannah is going to make, and a costume pattern and some muslin for that. (I won't tell what the costumes are for yet--more plans must be laid! *Sneaky grin* [Like I can be sneaky!])

Anyway, we headed home in the rain. It got so bad at one point that it was really hard to see the road. Plus, we can't turn the windshield wipers on high. Then they really won't turn off!

We stopped by Tex's to pick up the Caddy and I took off for our place to gather some stuff. There was a stream of water, like a faucet was on, coming through the honey house roof. Since it was pouring down rain, there wasn't anything I could do about it. I managed not to get 100% soaked only by using my umbrella (Thank-you, Katherine for tossing them into the back of the car before ya'll left!) and rolling my pants up almost to my knees--the water stands in the back yard when it rains that hard.

The cows were 'up', but Abe was the only one I could see with any clarity so I still don't know whether the calf is a bull or a heifer--or even if it's at all splochy like Snowflake. Maybe next week.

Savannah and I will be heading off to a wedding shower here in an hour, so I think I'll say bye for now!


6/2/2012 09:24:10

I thought that ya'll might want your umbrellas at some point! (You're welcome...)
I hope that stuff isn't getting wet in the honey house? Is everything moved well away from the deluge point?


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