Day 2



Of what?

The return to working Snip! Yesterday and today I took about 30-40 minutes with the rascal. Since it was closing in on 5 o'clock the stinker was of course almost pouty--if a horse can pout. Anyway, I haven't done anything serious (or stupid), but have just walked with him, talked to him, petted him, scolded him, praised him, and did some very rudimentary training things. Recap of the first few months if you will. He remembers stuff pretty well. I need to get my 'buggy whip' and pull the long rope out of the garage and get back into lounging him. I have tried to sort of get him going on the lead rope, but it's too close. He kicked slightly a couple of times today (last time I really lounged him I came really close to getting my head kicked in) and he reared up a bit too. When he does that I give him a good solid jerk on the rope and sternly get onto him. Once he relaxes I pet him and tell him he's a good boy. :)

I plan on lounging him for a day or two before I get back on him. I think I'll attempt to get our place mowed tomorrow (since it needs it much worse than here...and I may have to wait to get a belt for the mower).

Snip has gotten stronger and I've lost some of my confidence so I plan on being VERY, VERY careful. I don't want any more broken bones. Pretty soon I'm going have to get a bucket to stand on to even get my foot in the stirrup because he's grown so much. In other words, while I look forward to getting back on my horse and riding, I'm also a little leery...I've lost some of the muscle strength in my legs (probably), so I think I will just mostly walk for the first couple days, then work up speed. I don't need to be bucked first day back on. :)

On a related note, I got a new (leather) headstall for Snip today as well as a nice set of long leather reins. They'll make a nice quirt. :D Anyway, now my tack is all leather...something I prefer the look of.

But enough ramblings about horses...


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