...is really fun in my estimation. I have started to build visuals for the Cow Cavalry documentary. So far I have had to re-do the one composition in After Effects twice. I hope I don't have to do it again :) I do know that I need to tweak a part of it some...the scrolling words are a tad too slow.

I spent probably a good hour sitting out in the RV this morning talking to Grandpa about the Civil War. His folks up his mother's mother's side were Virginian's...but they were neutral. He also said that they freed their slave in 1850 (or there abouts). Anyhow, I did my usual touting of the Southern view, but I also tried not to be too hard on the Yankee's. At one point he asked me with a kind of grin if I knew what a Yankee was. Of course I do! To a foreigner (that is not meant to be derogatory) any American is a Yankee. To Southerners all Northerners are Yankees. To Mid-western types, Yankees are those of the Eastern states. And to those in the lower part of the New England area, those farther north are Yankees. (Grandpa told me this last; I think it is probably true.) Technically, a 'true' Yankee is from New England. Anyway, it was just kind of funny :)

My conversation with Grandpa (admittedly I did most of the talking) ranged from Florida's economy during the War to Andersonville Prison to Northern POW prisons, to Abe Lincoln to New Hampshire's threat to succeed in the mid 1850's (if I remember correctly) to abolishionists to Radical Republicans. (That is a looong sentence.)

The following are a few pictures of that horse I'm constantly yammering about...
Sleepy Baby...

                                 (and Snip)

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