Well, I went to the feed stores this morning. (Yes, you read that right--feed stores.) There are two in this town. I like the one for horse food better, but the other has better cow feed :) I went for horse food (sweet feed and hay) and mineral for the cows. I headed for Bryan's first (the horse place), because of the location. As I turned off the main road, I heard this scraping noise. Looking in my side mirror I saw the nippers go flying off the roof of the cab! (I had NO IDEA they were up there!! I'm suprised they stayed on that long, becuase I'd been around a bit at speeds up to 60 mph.) Anyway, I pulled over and managed to rescue them from the road. There was a lady sitting there waiting to turn and we kind of grinned at each other. That was embarresment #1. 

I walked into Bryan's and trying to act like I do this all the time, asked for 2 bag of Stock and Stable 12 and 2 bales of horse hay. Wouldn't you know it, they were out of both! So I grinned my way out of there...I am not used to this yet. Anyway, I think I've learned that if I want to get my horse feed to go Tuesday or Wednesday. (They get their shipment in on Tuesday.) Mom and I went there on a Friday or Saturday and they were out...Then I slipped over to Smith's.

At Smith's I walked in with a wad of keys in my hand. (I had a few more than normal--having the keys for our place since I was going over there.) I gave my order to the young guy who works in there (I believe he's the owner's son). He was nice about my blundering newbie ways. I ordered 5 bags of mineral and a bag of horse feed (it's not as good quality as the other, that's why I only got one) and a bale of hay (same deal here). I told him to put in on Granddaddy's account (that's how Daddy told me to do it.) Then I strolled out and drove around to the back where my purchase was loaded. The man loading asked me how Granddaddy was doing (I still don't know how he knew...but anyway, he made the connection somehow and then asked me, 'Is that your dad that comes?' Of course :) Anyway, he was nice too.)

Then I took off for our place. Once there I made the horrid discovery that I had forgotten to release the parking/emergency brake!! I was like "Oh, no! Daddy's going to kill me!) I thought about not telling, but when he called me later I just went ahead and spilled the beans (see, I can't keep a secret!) I'm glad he didn't get irritated at me. I felt bad enough about it as it was. Anyway, I did get informed a little better on what drum brakes do. Embarresment #3.

What happened to Embarresment #2? Oh...that. You may laugh, honestly...I was going to get gas. So, I went to the gas station, turned the engine off, and went to take the gas cap off. Hmm, it has a key in it. Let's see--read the directions, attempt to follow them--Nihil. Phooey. Try again. Still nothing. I must have spend 10-15 minutes trying to get that stinky gas cap off. Anyway, I ended up not getting gas. I left. Embarresment #2. (While on the phone with Daddy, he gave me a few pointers and I got that cap off!)

From our place I went to where my horse is kept to unload the hay and feed. My first attempt to pitch the hay over the fence was unsuccessful. It fell down between the truck and the fence. (Embarresment #5--nobody saw that though. *grin*) So I pulled it out stradling the gap--one foot on the fence (made out of stock wire) and one foot in the bed of the truck. That hurt some (the rib, you know). Once I got it up I rolled it over the fence, then I climbed over the top and arranaged it where I wanted, climbed back over the fence and dumped the feed off at the shed. I was grateful that the cows decided not to bother me.

Then I came back here and put the remaining four bags of mineral out. The cows have been alternately munching on it since. After I ate (lunch, not mineral) and had coffee, I went out to dig more thistles and soda apples. I didn't get a whole lot more done...I worked for about an hour and the thunder clouds started talking. So far the rumbling has been no more than that. But, you know, they say if you can hear it, the lightening can strike you. I wouldn't be good for much work at all if I got hit by lightening!

I think I need a snack now...soup and salad for lunch 4+ hours ago is lacking in holding power...


5/16/2012 07:28:05

Oh! Racheal! That was a great telling! You have the Parker style of storytelling down pat!!!!!!

Love you!


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