Friday was Epiphany, or more commonly know in our house as "Little Christmas". According to chruch tradition, epiphany is the day that the Magi presented their gifts to Christ. It has been a family tradition in our household to celebrate by exchanging small gifts on epiphany. We have a dress-up candlelight dinner and Daddy reads Luke 2. After prayer one or the other of the 'kids' starts to pass out the presants (this year it was Katherine). I was quite thrilled with the adorable apron Savannah made me, as well as some CD's and other things. Savannah got another hat and I gave her a hatpin...I figured with all her hat's a hatpin might be nice/usefull. As usual, Katherine got a baby doll. Some folks might think she's too old for dolls, but I don't think she ever will be :) It's not Christmas unless she gets a doll. Anyway, this new one's name is Beverly. Mama and I had been to town yesterday afternoon and we went to the Goodwill where I picked up a handfull of old movies. Some I haven't seen before, but other I have. The first one I snatched up was a copy of 'Mrs. Minever'. I have looked for that ever since we checked it out of the liberary years ago. It is an amazing British 'propaganda' movie. I also found a copy of 'The Best Days of Our Lives', another one I've been looking for for a long time. Then there was 'The Philadelphia Story', a hilarious Cary Grant and Katherine Hepburn film. There were a few others too... Anyway, I wrapped them all up and put them under the tree. We had a pleasant evening and I think everyone was pleased with their small piles of gifts. I think the apron was my favorite : )

Today we worked cows. Okay, only our tiny herd. We took the calf over to Granddaddy's and when we work cows over there next week, she goes to market and we're going to get a pretty red heifer in her place. We also took Snowflake (i.e. Trumpet Face) over there so we could use Granddaddy's squeeze chute. (We don't have one.) So we, (more accurately Daddy) dehorned her, ear marked her, and branded her. She was very mad at us by the time we were done and would not load into the trailer. So we went in and ate lunch and watched old Western's with Granddaddy. After lunch and coffee we went back out. Snowflake got up and started kicking sand again...and a well-aimed hoof-full sent sand into my brace. Needless to say, one of the first things I did upon arrival home was remove it and wash. It's a good thing that Laurie sent home an extra arm-sock. I needed it.

A bit later, Daddy says, "Come on Racheal, we're going to take the trailer back to Dad's and feed Snip on the way home." We went ahead and put the trailer up to the pens so it doesn't have to been done next week, then we puttered along in the pasture towards the west. At some point Daddy started pounding staples back into the fence and I got behind the wheel. I have short legs...I had to sit on the edge of the seat to reach the gas pedal. Once done with one side of the trap, Daddy said, "We'll do the other side Monday" and I took us all the way to the house. We stopped in to make sure Granddaddy remembered that he was coming for supper (he did).

It's been a full and busy day of one sort or another...I go to the doctor Monday morning for a check-up on my arm. Who knows, I may get to have the brace off. Then the real work begins. (Looking forward to it and yet's going to hurt to get my wrist back into shape.)


P.S. Added a 'Photos' page and put up a slideshow on it...enjoy!

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