Episode 3 of James and Burke has been posted over at 'Stories By Racheal'! So far, I haven't really heard any feedback on it...I suppose that means it's okay.

This morning (and early afternoon) I de-spidered and pretty well cleaned the garage here. I didn't find an awful lot of spiders, but I did have some of those light brown 2" diameter spidy's streak off. (I killed all three of them eventually.) Those kind of made me jump, but honestly, I think they were more terrified of me than I was scared of them! I swept the garage, stacked boxes, cleaned out the whole summer's worth of sweet-feed sacks (I ended up burning them all since they were molding and several had been used like a litter box when Mama Cat holed her last batch of kittens up in the garage), and wondered at the number of egg cartons we have. Those are all neatly stacked on the shelf. I was surprised that there weren't more spiders around them than there were.

I did not take the fabric (in bags) that Aunt T has put there off the shelf. I did get to thinking though that Savannah and I ought to go through it. It would be better to put it someplace else less...spidery.

I didn't get too creeped out, but I did keep getting the shivers. However, I think that was more because I was sweating and kept going in and out of the shade and then there was a nice little breeze blowing...besides the fact that I was probably on the verge of dehydration. Once I realized that I went and got something to drink.

I also semi-organized a few other things. I'm pleased to say that it looks and feels somewhat better out there than it did when I started. I also aired up the flat tire on the golf cart. I'm just going to have to keep airing it up so it doesn't crack worse. I don't use it much, so it just sits there. (I use it like a saddle rack!)

Anyway, I'm glad I got that done. I'm not particularly looking forward to doing our place across the creek, but I think it needs it worse than this place did (spider-wise; it certainly doesn't have near as much dirt in it because the door isn't stuck in the up position!) However, that will have to wait til later in the week because tomorrow we are going to visit cousin Butch...and then Wendesday I have a chiropractor appointment. (My back has done really good since the last trip...I don't think it has actually hurt me though I have felt it be just on the verge of 'going out' a couple times. It has tended to feel rather stiff down there when I get up though. I think that is because of the horse riding--not an everyday occurance.)

Anyway, that's what I did early today. Since then I've been writing or editing (James and Burke)...you know, it takes a while to take an on-average 5-8 page 'script' and turn it into story format. More time than I expected....'tis fun though and I love writing stories!


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