That's what I did this afternoon...I ran errands. It took a couple hours.

First I went to Do it Best and picked up more lights--my light kit needed the expanding. That was throughly demonstrated at Mr. Arthur's interview.

From there I went up to the local golf cart place and picked up the battery I was expecting. The fellow called this morning and said it was finally in. When I got there we had some small talk while I paid for it and he offered to carry the thing out for me. You'd be proud of me, I remembered to let him be a gentleman! I did have to man-handle it by myself once I got home, but that wasn't too much of a problem.

Then I went to Smith's. The cows had wiped out the mineral I got not all that long ago. Today I got five bags instead of four because Snip needed some too. I poured one sack into the trough in the heifer patch. Once he found it he stood there and ate--even after I brought his feed out. I knew he needed it...

I also bought the rascal another halter. This one is blue...I actually had the brains enough to look on the old one before I went in (I had it in the truck with me) and see if it had any size markings--it did 800-1,100 lbs. The Weaver brand has their halters color-coded and blue is the 800-1,100 lb range. Anyway, I guess his tack will match least on his face :)

Oh, and the $3 splurge purchase...I bought some leather heel-straps for my spurs. I've replaced the parachute chord on the right one at least twice now and I'm tired of my spurs flapping. (I paid cash on that Daddy...)

As I was leaving Smith's I looked out the window and some lady sitting in a blue pick-up truck waved at me. I took another look, grinned, and waved back. It was Bunny! Small world (ahem...more like small town...)

From there I went to Murphy's and filled up the gas tank. It was about half-empty. Then I swung by our place--I swiped the gun-cleaning kit that an Army buddy of Daddy's gave him for Christmas one year. I also remembered to pick up some beets :)

I came home and put the mineral out. After that I put the battery into the golf cart. After that I...fed the critters...I think. It looked like it was going to rain and it did, so I wanted to get that taken care of before the rain hit.

I went in and cleaned the guns. I was disappointed to find that the tip I needed was broken! Plastic junk... Anyway, I managed. I was finishing up on the rifle when I looked out the window..."Hey, Savannah! There is somebody in a blue pick-up sitting out there." It was some ladies from Granddaddy's church. They came in and we all had an nice visit.

As soon as they left we ate dinner (Granddaddy had already eaten). Even though it was kind of early, we ate because I was supremely ready :)

Tomorrow the plan has something to do with mowers and tractors...I'll leave you to muse on that...and wait for the tales that hopefully I will have to tell tomorrow ;)


8/3/2012 14:23:06

I am glad that you are feeling so much better....I always enjoy your trips to town...

8/4/2012 05:28:30

Me too! (On both accounts...)


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