What am I talking about? Facial expressions in movies and TV. You see, I was watching 'The Rebel' (or "Johnny Yuma" as Granddaddy calls it) with him. During the opening set-up scene, J. Yuma is talking to the printers--an old man and a young one. They tell him where to find the daughter of an old friend of his. She is going to be forcibly married to a dirt bag. Anyway, along with certain wording, I noticed a very subtle look on the younger man's face that made me go "AH-ha! He's in love with her (and vice-versa)." If you'd been looking at the other man's face, the import of the words might have missed you. It was such a tiny, short look too! Very telling though...

From there I blabbed to Savannah how, although I'm NOT an actress and freeze up in front of a camera (besides, I don't look good on the front end of a video camera--don't tell me I do! I have a double-chin that is much more noticable on video than real-life), that I think I could teach acting...I think it would be fun actually. We also discussed how so often the acting in these independent Christian films (often made by young folks) well, to be blunt, stinks. Take Sybil Ludington for instance...
The script and storyline were GREAT. However, the acting was pretty weak. The girl who played Sybil (at left--cool picture isn't it?) was the worst actor/ess in the entire movie. She didn't have the 'fire' that she needed. She was supposed to be a spunky, almost Tomboy-ish character. The actress couldn't pull it off, she was flat. I particularly remember a sence where she flares up (I forget what over), but the 'anger' wasn't real. It was unconvincing at best.

I got done watching it and my gut reaction was "I want to re-make this!" That's how good the story was. The set, the lighting, and the costumes were all very good. Some of the actors/esses were better than others. It probably would have passed muster better with a different girl in the title role.

I guess it's a good thing I want to be a director, isn't it? And by the way, that horse ain't happy...


Your not so silent friend
5/28/2012 08:42:29 am

You are spot on about this movie. This movie had the potential to be very very good but the flat acting of this character made it less than desirable. Yes, there is a need for an affordable acting schools/camps for young Christian actors. Perhaps some day you might make this happen.

5/29/2012 02:24:23 am

I'd hire you as an acting coach :) From personal experience I can say you would be good at it!


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