That's right! I finished Rebel Storehouse! I truely enjoyed it. You can read a review here...I won't promise that it's very good. Ah ha! So you guessed it. I have started a Review Page. I have always been really, really bad at writing reviews, so please bear with me as I try to learn how to do better.

Anyway, I learned stuff from the book and I plan on putting some of that new knowlegde to work in my documentary. The appendix is most likely going to get condensed into a nice quote. (It itself is a historical document so there are no legal problems or snafu's with it.)

I am planning on riding Snip just a walk. My hip is still sore, but I think a ride will be good for it. Besides, Snip has had four days off :) (I keep intending on getting a picture of him...but I forget to take the camera with me.)


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