One of the first things I figured out this morning was I had bought the wrong kinds of, off I went to Wal-Mart after a Skype briefing with Daddy. Skype sure makes mechanic's lessons easier. I came home and connected wires...I didn't see a yellow wire on the truck, so I attached the yellow wire on the pig-tail to a light green wire. As I found out later that really was the wrong wire.

After lunch, Savannah and I went over to our place to test it and bring the pop-up back. Everything worked except for the left turn light. When we got home, after a brief stop at Wal-Mart, I crawled back under and actually located the yellow wire this time. See, most of the wiring harness only contained four wires: black, brown, light green, and dark green. However, way over in the left, where some other thing are wired in, there is a yellow wire.

The following are pictures taken during my second and more sucessful attempt.
I was bracing with my feet because I had to lift my upper body off the ground to reach the wires!
The mineral sacks did help with the height problem a little bit.
Striping wire. The second attempt at the yellow wire required striping and wraping.
Electrians tape is great stuff! (And those are Savannah's flip-flops. She was helping me out by sticking her legs under and letting me lean on them. It REALLY helped.)
I enjoyed this job pretty well...I got to get greasy and make something work :)

However, right about now, I'm really feeling rather ticked off at myself. The cows were cut off from their water (or a lot of it) all day! I didn't open the gates into the trap and woods yesterday when I rotated them (maybe partly because I got the truck stuck in the mud and by the time we got it out I had forgotten), and I didn't do it today either when I noticed--TWICE--that the cows were meandering along thataway with a purpose. [Just glanced out the window--it looks like they may be headed that way again! Good.] It was when I had half a dozen come over the wire and run toward the water trough on this side that I realized how serious it was. (I thought they could get to the one in the run from the farthest north chunk of pasture.) Anyway, I immediately headed out--on foot (because the truck is still hooked to the pop-up)--in my knee length skirt through shin and knee-deep grass (serves me right that my legs got all itchy and bug bit)--and got those gates open. I was steaming in more than one fashion when I got back to the house. I deserve to be horse-whipped...I KNOW better than to not have water for my cows...particularly when I have even the slightest doubts. So, suffice to say, I am mad at myself because I was being lazy and/or otherwise occupied.

I'm hungry...that beef in the oven smells awful good.


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