I haven't done much today...I've been dragging all day.

This afternoon, around 1:40, the livestock sheriff showed up to take a peek at what I suspected might have been tire tracks in the pasture. (I noticed them yesterday while riding Snip.) He's got a nice truck. It's a white, king-cab Dodge. Anyway, we rode out and walked around some. I think he agreed with me that they looked kind of like tire tracks. He did tell me that he recently learned/found out/was surprised by the fact that tire marks can sometimes still be around a month after they were made. (Personal story of his.)

After coming back to the house, and Mr. B leaving, I went into town and bought a roll of hay for my cows. They were glad to see it. :) I don't know, but they might look just a hair fatter than last time I saw them. Not much, but maybe just at tiny bit--and every little bit is an encouragement as they look pretty awful.

This sound very dry and not very engaging at all, doesn't it? I literally feel like I'm falling asleep--but being the time of day it is--there is no way that is actually going to happen.

So, cheerio, until next time!


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