Really, I just used the 'my way' because it rhymes; and as anyone who knows me could tell you, when I make a rhyme I get so proud of myself :) Rhyming just doesn't flow from me like it does from Daddy and Katie.

Anyway, promptly after breakfast I hopped in the car and went to feed Snip. After coming home I practiced my guitar...before or after I scanned real quick, I can't remember.  Therapy was cancelled today because Laurie is sick (poor thing...she works harder than anyone else), so I made sure I did my home regimen throughly. While icing my wrist, I emptied the dishwasher. Once I was done with that I loaded it and washed up the dishes that don't go in the dishwasher (i.e. the stainless mixing bowls and the food processer.) I am doing more everyday stuff with my wrist and less therapy. Then came lunch! The second of my three favorite meals of the day :) *heehee*

While drinking our post-lunch coffee, Katherine and I were looking at a yearbook (again!) sent by a certain person (you know who you are) and kept exclaiming on how tall so-and-so has gotten, "she's really turned out pretty", and "What did she do to her beautiful hair!??!" [Excuse me, my friends, if this seems silly to you, but some of my readers will understand and hopefully laugh.]

Then Mama, Savannah, and I poked stuff in the car and roared off to town. First stop, the Court house. The Florida primary is offically next Tuesday, but we took advantage of the proffered early voting and went ahead and cast our ballots. This is my first primary in my first Presidential election.

From there we stopped by the grocery store, then went on over to Granddaddy's. Mama and I cleaned his bedroom and I heard that I am not a very good duster. (Guilty as charged. Dusting and I are not friends :) ) Anyway, it feels better and looks somewhat better. I also swept the kitchen and spot mopped it. I was taking something out to the car as Daddy and Granddaddy pulled in (Granddad had an eye appointment). At the exact same time, one of the cows, an old one by the name of 'Blah' was voicing her desire for pellets. You only have to listen to this animal's voice once to understand the name.

Shortly thereafter, Mama, Daddy, and I headed out to feed the cows. Well, really, I just went along for the ride. I did grab the gate. As we bounced out the cows gathered round "Maah...Mooo...Mee...Blahh" [depends on which one is talking...some of them have very distinctive voices]. "Come along, babies!" (And yes, we call cows babies...I am unashamed, Granddaddy calls them that!) About the time Daddy was finished dumping out the second 50 lb sack of feed, I noticed something. "Hey, Daddy! There's somebody else's bull!"  That started it.

We crept up on him (as much as you can in a noisy truck) and found the hole he'd come in. Of course, bulls are dumb enough not to see the hole that they came through. So Daddy had to go ahead and cut the remaining two wires before charging the animal through. During this time, Napoleon Jr. (Granddaddy's young hot-blooded Charolais bull [by the way, that is pronounced 'char-lay''s French, obviously], was pawing dirt and making the squeaky noises that bulls do (it really is ridiculous the sounds that come out of those big, tough animals...definitely shows that God has a sense of humor). The cows on both sides of the fence were excited...and bawling. Then Granddaddy's black bull (he doesn't have a name) came up on the challenge. Daddy told me, "Go charge him like you are going to kill him!" Well, it's a bit scary at first thought; charging a bull that could easily kill you if he had a mind to. However, these animals for the most part are so stupid (thank the Lord!) that they don't realize that you can't really hurt them. So I took off towards him (and I was not wearing shoes that are good for running--particularly in a pasture full of divits and cow manure--I neither fell down nor twisted my ankle, by the way), and as I got closer started hollering like a, well, like a squeaky girl puting on her "boss voice" (I'd be curious to see what it really sounds like?) He stared at me for a minute then turned and ran off. Mama and I ran off a few cows too (she followed them up farther than I did).  A little bit later I took off after both bulls yelling something akin to, "Git out of here!" They decided to stay away that time.

The fence got repaired and a new post put in. It is pretty plain to see that 'our' bulls (probably Napoleon Jr.) were the instigators in the incident. There are bull holes developing along the fence row on our side of the fence...

Well, it is getting late and I have been really rambly here :) (Hey, that's why the name is "Racheal's Ramblings", right?) There is a big possiblity that I may not blog tomorrow as we are going to a reenactment! More about that at a later date...


1/28/2012 01:03:03 pm

That story of you chasing the bulls is quite funny!

1/29/2012 10:11:02 am

*grin* I'm bettin' your "boss voice" sounds pretty funny :) I've been told that mine does...

Glad the yearbook is still as much fun as usual! We weren't sure whether or not to get one for y'all since you know fewer people in it then before :)

1/30/2012 09:05:28 am

I imagine it does, espcially when I'm yelling:)

Well, ma'am, so long as there are people that I know in it I shall be thrilled to get it! But why did Miss D chop off her beautiful hair?! (You don't have to answer that question :) )

1/31/2012 11:08:50 am

:) I kinda figured that's who's head-o-hair you were mentioning. I'm pretty sure it was because it is so thick and she was feeling like a change :) You may not remember, but back way back in the day, Mrs. P had her's at a similar length...

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