Grandfathers--plural, that is. I've been with both today :) I helped get Grandpa to his easy chair this morning and then once again dressed and out the door for a doctor's appointment. A funny incident happened at that point. I was behind him and between him and the 'co-pilot' chair and he said something like "I have to sit down." Well, Mama and I were trying to keep him on his feet for another minute or two and I thought he was going to continue standing. Anyway, he ended up sitting on my lap! It was hilarious!!! Poor Grandpa was so sleepy he didn't really get it, but it really was funny. I was suprised that he didn't feel heavier than he did.

I took Granddaddy his lunch and he actually talked a little bit! I asked him, "Is it supposed to rain?" He looked out the window for a minute then kind of chuckled and said, "They tell you one thing one day and the next something else...It's not supposed to rain Thursday or Friday..." There was a little more, but I don't remember what it was. I do know that he ate his entire lunch minus two slices of red pepper that I ate. (He had left the table already and I knew he didn't want them.)

In just a few minutes I have to head over and feed him supper. He's got some rice over there, so I'm going to take the remaining egg in the house, along with some more red pepper, and his tea over to his house. Once there I will warm up the rice and cook the egg.

So, see ya later alligators! (And I'll go ahead and respond for you: After 'while, crockadile!) *grin*


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