That's me today--groggy. I hate Daylight Savings Time...what good does it really do? Part of my tiredness today may be from Saturday catching up with me. I'm always kind of tired on Monday anyway because we often get home from church late.

I haven't put anything on here in while about Grandpa. Anyway, his hemoglobin levels continue to go down. He's had to have two blood transfusions in two weeks. He has no internal bleeding so it is quite likely that he has bone cancer or leukemia. 

I had some thoughts about God today--musing prompted by certain situations. God loved us while yet in our sins...unfathomable. What is even more unfathomable is that He died for us. (I also like to remind myself that He didn't just die for us, He lived our righteousness for us. This means that I do not have to 'work' to be righteous. I am justified because Christ lived righteously for me and took my sin upon Himself. I can do no other than strive to obey His commands [for, "if you love Me, keep My commandments"]--even though it merits me nothing. SOLI DEO GLORIA!)


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