Today is Granddaddy's 81st birthday. (I got that wrong on Monday.) Tonight is a big birthday shindig over at a relative's house. I'm planning on taking my video camera and shooting some video--maybe 'interview' people for stories about Granddaddy. That kind of depends on how comfortable I feel. I like this side of the family but don't know them very well, having met most of them only since we retired. I rather doubt that some would let me interview them anyway; being rather camera shy. Maybe I'll put together a birthday video as practice.

I'm planning on rushing off in about half an hour to go feed Snip. I'm taking a hiatus from riding at present due to a suspected cracked rib. Remember when I fell off last time and hurt my hip? Well, three days after that, as I got out of the car to open the gate I noticed a pain in one of my ribs. I figured it was just a cramp (believe me, sitting in th backseat of a small car with three mostly grown girls can be condusive to getting cramps*grin*) but it never quite went away. Then it got worse. Last Thursday (two weeks to the day of my fall), I slammed hard into the saddle attempting a slide stop (which I'm convinced I've been working on wrong anyway). I felt compression in my spine and the pain wrapped all the way around to that rib. Oh, was that was a severe pain! Once I managed to sit back up in the saddle and stop moaning, I walked Snip for a bit then tried a trot. No way, Jose! I decided such was not what I should do. I rode a few times after that but after two days of me complaining about my rib pain, Mom suggested I not ride for about a week. We figure that I might have cracked it when I fell and made it worse with Snip's pogo stick style stops. (There are some days that I have come extremely close to being bounced completely off.) My time off will also give Snip some time for his teeth to finish coming in. Hopefully once he quits teething he'll stop being such a beasty about the bit! (Horses lose their baby teeth too.)


3/16/2012 05:59:32

I would appreciate it greatly if Snip would go back to taking the bit peaceably--until then, the bruises on my knees are permanent fixtures, I fear...but nothing like a cracked rib...


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