Now, I didn't do anything crazy today--unless you count riding almost to the very back of the leased property. That's rather interesting because I must stay alert--I never know if some nutty squirrel is going to spook Snip. He was rather interested in the dead cow...but I didn't let him dawdle too close or too long next to said corpse.

While back there, I noticed one of the cows was over on this chunk of land by herself. I got to looking at her and concluded that she was the cow that about two days ago I had said to myself, "She's fixing to have a calf." Meandering closer to her, I determined (a guess mainly) that she had had her calf. So, without trying to look like I was searching for it, I took Snip in several different directions around about. I had a feeling the calf was bedded down someplace to the west of where the cow was--blame that on how the cow was acting and where  she was looking--or better yet, when she started watching us closer. Anyway, I was headed west when I saw the calf off to my left. It is white, but other than that I can't tell you about it, being as it bedded down. I wrote it down in my little book (while trying to get Snip to stand still and stop nibbling on that palmetto.)

Anyway, I had a good, uneventful ride. The back-40 is slightly creepy sometimes...particularly when floating through the orange grove one hears Christmas songs played by something that sounds somewhat like a music box. I found another tree stand today too--only it's on the other side of the fence. There are at least three 2x4 constructed deer stands on the leased land. I also saw three raccoons scurring away from us. I don't know if Snip saw them or not, but I had stopped him because I was listening to the squirrels bark and chatter at us. Fortunately, I didn't run in to any dangerous critters. I did almost ride through a spider's web with the spider (a crab-spider) still in it though. I saw it just in time, backed Snip up, and went around the tree from the other side. :D

Snip finds the leased land just as fascinating as I do. He walks along (almost too quickly sometimes) with his ears pricked forward. Here I would like to interject and say that if he was not responding to commands fairly quickly, I would not be riding back there. As is, he is behaving quite well, stopping, turning, and backing without much more than slight pressure on the reins. Admittedly, stopping is his worst point.

I had fun...I just wish I didn't have to fight the bit into his mouth. He KNOWS how to take it and once it's in, he's calm as a cuke. I even think he's been enjoying the rides! He's just bound and determined to make me earn my ride by forcibly stuffing the bit between his teeth. Except for the bit, he's been being super good--mostly.

Oh well...I think God is using this to teach me least with this critter.


12/10/2012 12:55:08

Keep eyes and ears alert when you are back in the
swamp....there is more that lurks in there than crab spiders!!!


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