Not too bad, but I was defintely starting to feel it by the time I got off Snip. I'm going to guess that it took between 15-30 minutes to get the bit in his mouth again today. Of course, it didn't help that he really thought he was going to get fed. Daddy had bought two bales of hay and two sacks of feed this morning and Snip was watching me while I unlaoded them. So he was really excited, only to find that his human had other plans in mind--like poking that blasted piece of steel between his teeth again. Poor Snippy. :)

Anyhow, he behaved fairly well most of the time. (I just realized I forgot to take my hat off when I came in...probably because I thought I was going back out.) We did some walking, trotting, loping, and galloping (not too much of that). I think that he might has slid a couple of times--very short slides, but still. (Unfortunately, I can't look at his back feet during this procedure, so I really have no way of knowing. But it kind of felt that way.) 


P.S. You will notice on the side bar a 'banner' that says "Save the Nuba". This is a branch off of the Persecution Project Foundation requesting people to sign a petition headed for Washington for the US to push for a 'No-Fly' zone over Sudan. This would entail that North Sudan could not (legally) fly over South Sudan to bomb them. I signed it...why don't you? Many of the refugees are our brethern!

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