My ears are still closed up and I'm kind of stuffy...but I think I'm pretty much over my cold.

I spent the majority of my down time tapping on the keyboard of my 'antique' laptop...I like the keys on that thing. That's right--I'm working on another story. This time it is in script form and it's a Western. A rather large cast--the main characters belonging to two families--the James' (7 people) and the Burke's (also 7 people).  Naturally, with that many characters some of them are less prominant than others, but they all have their own personalities. There is danger, fun, adventure, and even some intrigue...

Oh yeah, I forgot that at the very beginning of my cold, I finished typing up what is provisionally titled Zeke's Gun...It's a Western, too--of sorts. It starts in 1941! The story was prompted by Uncle Pat's old rusty revolver that we found in a box in the garage.

Butch showed up and we went out to lunch...The place was packed! All the locals eat there--you can tell :) When we came home, we plinked for a while...UNTIL that is, Snip decided he was going to come over and see what we were doing--the result? Take a look...
It was hilarious the way he went to where a bullet had kicked up dirt and lipped around. I think he thought some feed had landed there! That was before he came and stared at us over the fence.
Have I mentioned at some point that he broke his halter? Well, he did. I'm going to get him another one soon enough.
I tried shooting that thing too, but I didn't do so great...I don't like scopes near as well as I do iron sights.
I like this one...
Aim small, miss small...


8/2/2012 13:33:59

That horse is such a ham...always has to be the center of attention! After ripping the gate out a couple of weeks ago...I guess he wasn't bothered today by the noise?

8/3/2012 04:12:49

I guess not...I was wondering about that myself!

8/6/2012 03:49:03

Caption for the first picture: "Shoot Me?"
Silly Snipy!


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