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Okay, how about the tale of Three Appointments? Not that I can tell you much about two of the three or what transpired thereafter. Katherine and Savannah both had eye appointments yesterday and I had a therapy appointment. The times looked something like this: 11:30 (K), 12:30 (S), 1:00 (R). Mama took the girls and Daddy took me. 

After my appointment (which by the way, went fine--Laurie thinks I'm probably healed becuase of how well my thumb moves), we decided that we should swing by Granddaddy's and grab his pick-up so we could go get hay for Socks and for Snip. (There is a difference between cow and horse hay...) Before we could hop in and abscond with the truck though, Daddy had to clear the bed of all the electrical wire he and Cody had removed from around the runway last week. So, I went in and said, "Hey, Granddaddy! We've come to steal your truck!" Then I plopped down into that old dilapidated green chair and finished watching Bonanza with him. (I like Bonanza--even though it can be pretty cheesey sometimes.) Little Joe was in trouble again. I'm not sure (becuase I didn't see the beginning), but somehow I think it had something to do with a girl--I mean other than the fact that she was dead and the deputy sheriff thought Joe did it...
Sometime along in here I managed to spill that awful raspberry tea he's been drinking (he doesn't like it anyway). I only sort of got it cleaned up. Not that it matters much anyway as that carpet is the dirtest, most worn out stuff I've ever seen. (And no, he won't get it replaced.)

After Daddy got all the wire bundled we took it out to the burn pit (I'm still wondering why it got put in there). I noticed a calf down by the water so I went over to see if there was anything wrong with him. Well, it took two tries for him to get up (usually calves are so skittery that he'd have been gone long before I got there) and then he turned around and kind of looked at me. Strange. Stranger yet, he let me touch his head before he moved away. There was definitely something wrong. He was walking weird with his back legs. There is no way to demonstrate this over the internet, but it was an almost pidgeon toed walk. Top that off, Daddy said he was bloated (I didn't quite notice that), his hair was looking shaggy, and his eyes were listless. Daddy came back later and put him down.

We got three bales of hay for Socks (she's looking better but she's still really bony) and one for Snip. We dropped off the hay/fed Snip on our way home. I think that he heard me whistle yesterday and boy did he come running! (Now, will that happen when it's a ride waiting and not food?? I guess I'll just have to find out later.) One of the young cows (a 2-3 year old) came up kicking and acting like a regular idiot (cows will do that sometimes--particularly the young ones) and she started Snip acting goofy along with several others of the cows and calves. One of those calves is SO UGLY. Somekind of gray brindle, splochy thing.

Once we got home, Daddy pitched the hay bales out of the back of the truck and I put them on the trailer where we keep them. I don't know if lifting hay bales is on the list of OK things to do or not...but it didn't hurt so I figured it was fine. It feels good to be useful and I like doing stuff like that.

Then I went in and reburied my nose in the Agatha Christie book that I had started that morning. I finished it this morning. When I read mysteries I like to read them in pretty much one sitting, and that especially goes for Agatha Christies.' She is my favorite mystery writer. Savannah and I were talking about that last night. She was an extremely good writer and had at least four different writing 'styles' that were all her own. So, I got my mystery fix in for a little while. (This last one verged on being a comedy as well!)


P.S. I added a new link on the "Links" page...Thine is the Kingdom. Enjoy!
1/3/2012 05:02:12 am

Wow, I hope that you didn't hurt your wrist grabing that pick-up truck!
I hear that the results of the eye appointments are that Miss Savannah is getting new glasses and that Miss Katherine is getting glasses too...that'll be something new.
Hmmm, Little Joe does seems to have the knack of getting into trouble....
Frank Kati


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