(Soon I'll have to start titling these 1,2,3, etc! I'm not so good at imaginative names sometimes...)

Yesterday therapy hurt...Laurie practically had me in tears because my wrist hurt so bad. I got a few new exercises and keep plugging on with the 'old' ones. After therapy Mama and I went to the Goodwill store. I found a nice Tommy Hilfiger shirt (I love getting expensive clothes at the GW), and Mom found me a nice work shirt that will be useful once it gets hot again :) Everything was 50% off...unlike the store up North, which has a color of the week that is 50% off, this store just puts everything 50% off sometimes. Not as condusive to getting good deals all the time :)

On our way home, we dropped by Granddaddy's with his medicine refill just in time to hop in the truck and feed the cows. Well actually, Mama and I just rode along. Daddy doled out the pellets (I am capable of that...except for right now.) I get a huge kick out of riding on the back of the truck like that. Once I stood up right as we went through a bull hole and started to sit down at the same time the bed of the truck was rising. Believe me, I have never done that again! My tail bone was very unhappy with the situation.

I ran over to Granddaddy's this morning to heat up his lunch and make sure he ate. As usual I slammed the door on my way in so he'd know I was there (he's a bit deaf, ya see), clattered the pans onto the cabinet, and walked around the corner. He was still asleep. Hmm, he's breathing, so I know he's fine. Back into the kitchen...warm up the food...he's still asleep. Back around the corner. Tap...tap...he opens his eyes. "Hey, Granddaddy! You hungry?"  *grin* Well, he got up and came to the table while I dished up the food. As he ate I washed up the breakfast dishes...it looked like he had the leftover mustard greens for breakfast. Once he was done eating I washed the lunch dishes and put the leftovers away. Then I sat down to visit for a bit and the next thing I know, I'm vacuuming the Florida Room. The floor around his chair was littered with peanut hull dust and 'papers'. I do not like that DirtDevil vacuum...it sticks to the floor like glue.

I am planning on working Snip today...for that I'll put my brace back on. I haven't had it on since Thursday, so it will be kind of strange to put it on. I will do my exercises once I get home :)


P.S. Added something to the articles page...you don't have to read it if you don't want to. I won't be offended :)

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