...know how to make old cowboys forget to watch their language sometimes. First off, the thing won't start. Second off, we attempted to start it after pouring gas in the carburetor (I did that--sloppily). Third, we start the take down--that took a while to get started because the correct sized wrench was eluding us. I finally found it and took the 6-8 screws out of the cover. Next we took the grate off the...well, I don't know what it is, but it's the thing that spins around (flywheel, maybe?) We were attempting to get the above mentioned circular object off and well, we couldn't. After pouring some oil over the bolt, we let it set. I think we'll return to it later (or someone will--I think I'll return to soda apple distruction this afternoon if the clear skys hold...I took the day off yesterday since it was rainy and cloudy all day).

Anyway...all that to say that today was one of those days when I had a brief wish that I was the Fourth...'cause then I'd be a boy and I'd probably know this stuff WAY better than I do and plus I'd more than likely be stronger than I am...and also Granddaddy might feel more inclined to let me take work out of his hands. He has this problem watching other people work, and I think it's worse with girls. Some of that left over Southern male chiveralry, perhaps?? (Or perhaps not...)

Anyhow, I got both hands happily filthy and was glad I had changed into my pants before I headed to the barn...I probably would have gotten my skirt nice and dirty.  I'll let you in on the mower outcome...eventually :)


Later: The mower is sitting in the back of the pick-up...as soon as I finish my coffee, Granddaddy and I are going to take it to town.
5/17/2012 14:07:04

You didn't tell the story of how the mower got into the back of truck? We all know it didn't quite exactly fly there all by itself....


Hmmmm...old cowboys...they don't make them quite like they used to, do they?

5/19/2012 00:50:41

While it might be romantic to think of it as southern chivalry, I don't think it has a thing to do with it. He is, as you said an old cowboy and has worked hard his whole life and now that he can't he has difficulty with that fact.

5/19/2012 12:27:31

I know :) However, for some reason it does seem more pronounced if it's girls...

10/29/2013 16:48:24

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