Is it okay for me to do two blog posts in one day? :) :) (Well, as it's my blog, I don't care!)

I'm sleepy--which ensures that I'll ramble. I feel like running my mouth (or my fingers) because I'm sleepy and trying to stay awake. heard about the first part of the day (i.e. Snip and being stomped on)...would you like to hear about the post-lunch episode(s)? Good, I'm glad.

We were scheduled to have a full house today--a total of 5 visitors. 2 of them couldn't make it, but the S.'s and Andre did show up. Andre got some more hand's on gun training from Pop. Before anyone else was out at the firing line, I was out there banging away with the .22 S&W revolver. (My rifle is in the shop getting an extractor--AWESOME!) Then I shot my .38 for a bit before moving on to the .22 rifle with the scope. Daddy thought the scope might have been messed up, but I think it was fine. I was the one responsible for the poor shooting. (2 inch group isn't too bad when your wobling...and resting on an arm that isn't 100% up-to-snuff.)

Around shot 3 of the 5 I took at this sitting, I looked behind me and immediately began to wonder what that truck (turns out it was a van) pulling a boat was doing coming in our driveway. I watched and then about the same time I was getting suspicions of who it might be, they were confirmed. It was Uncle Rod and Rod Jr. I finished my five rounds and went to the house. 'Little' Rod (okay, so he's not so little any more, he's 15) was in the house talking. The boy's voice has changed since I saw him in December! They left after a bit and I still don't know what the Uncle wanted. (Maybe because I didn't ask.)

Once they left, the shooting began in earnest. We emptied at least another box of .22's, used up a lot of .38's (mostly me), fired off some 9mm's (that's a slick S&W Daddy's got), and some of us shot a 12 guage shotgun. Andre loved the shotgun. I did not. I fired it twice from the shoulder and hurt really bad. Then I fired it twice from the hip. That was alright, but if I ever fire a 12 again I want a sissy pad!

Once we were done expending ammo (around 5:30) I went down to feed Snip and then Mama and Daddy took our visitors over to Granddaddy's to feed the cows. I think they all got a kick out of it. Then they came home and we ate and talked. (I eat too much in social situations.)

Then they went home...and now I have to go. Good-night!


3/11/2012 14:27:20

Nice. Shooting is always loads of fun. I have a .40 Springfield and a 12 guage single shot. Don't feel too bad about wanting a "sissy" pad. I had to get one because mine bit my shoulder so bad I wasn't enjoying shooting more than three rounds. :D
My dad has a .38 special snub-nose, but he gave it to my mom when he got a .40 Berretta. I had a .22 pistol, but the barrel blew out when a dud round got stuck in the barrel, and then messed it up seriously when I didn't know it and sent another round behind it. Bummer.
The sound of freedom is the sound of private citizens having target practice.
Hate it when I eat too much. I always feel like a hippo afterwards....
Glad you are following my blog!

3/12/2012 05:02:44

Hi, David!

My .38 is Colt Detective snubbie. Daddy gave it to me for my birthday :) First time I fired it was about a month after I broke my wrist, so I propped it up on the broken arm and shot it anyway!

Wow...good thing you didn't get hurt when that dud got stuck!

Shooting is definitely one of my favorite things to do:)



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