We're off this afternoon to meet up with some old friends from our Louisiana days. (By the way, you must pronounce that "Lous-i-anna".) We normally only get to see them once a year when they come down for the R.C. Sproul conferance. In fact, we didn't think they were coming this year until Lessie called. I can't wait to see Robert and Lessie...they have spoiled us girls rotten over the years, but that isn't why we love them :) Robert is always jovial with a pleasant laugh--you ought to see his 'Pride and Joy' ;) Anyone want to guess what that is? (Hint: It's not what you think.) Lessie always takes a bowl of lemon for her tea. Literally. More than once, she asks for a bowl of lemon and she gets two or three slices; but what she really wanted was a bowl full of lemon. It can get funny.

And that is just a beginning sketch of these dear friends...they are kind of like an Aunt and Uncle to us. Family, certainly :) (Actually, we are closer to them than most of our real aunts and uncles.)


3/17/2012 13:35:01

I wish it was another set of Louisiana friends... :-) Glad you're getting to see them though!

3/21/2012 11:30:53

It was great to see them, and it would be great to see another set of Louisiana friends too! (Hint hint!!)


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