I'm using the same title as I did over on my Director's Blog here...it works.

Basically, I have been sittin with my nose to my laptop, reading my narration (draft 3 still) and adding above each paragraph visual cues. Such as: {image of Capt. Hendry on horse--don't leave it static}. This captions the paragraph where you first are introduced to Hendry and the esteem that Col. Munnerlyn held him in. I can use that one picture for the entire paragraph so long as I don't leave it static!

Beside that, the director has also been making a list of b-roll shot's she would like to get (some of them a little less important than others--of course) and she has been compiling a list of possible foley effects. (I think I'm going to have fun with that one!) Along side all this, she (hmm, sounds like I've been reading Capt. Boggess' autobiography. He seldom refers to himself as 'I'; it's generally 'Capt.Boggess' or 'he/him' :) ) has been scribling down stuff like "15 or 50 thousand head?" and "Where was said Navy Officer from?" Now, those cryptic remarks may not mean much to you, but to me they speak volumes! (Well, not really volumes, but I know to what I refer :) )

I have now learned how to hold a urinal properly. Never thought it would come to this, but hey, when dealing with old men, you just have to get over it. No squeemishness allowed! As long as it don't bother him, it don't bother me. 

Grandpa has been really sleepy. He has also been eating alright. Not extravegantly, but eating sufficently. I don't think he's had a bowel movement (at least, not a real one) since he's been home, but then again, he hasn't eaten that much. The worst thing is that he lost a great deal of his eyesight in the hosptial--not enough nutrients.

Of course, Grandma has been in the house and the two of them go at it like usual. Blah, it can get bothersome. I still quite don't understand why, when they have been married for 68 years, that she hasn't figured out that when he's sleepy don't argue with him because he gets nasty (so do I for that matter) and says hurtful things he (most of the time) doesn't really mean.
There ought to be a new book review real soon...


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